Get MBBS Admission in the Philippines for Indian Students 2021

If you are looking for a good quality of medical education from abroad, then MBBS in Philippines can be an option. However, you need to think twice before you actually make a decision to study MBBS in Philippines.

The greatest deterrent for an aspirant would be the fact that you can never be admitted to an MBBS program at Philippines directly. You are rather admitted to a BS Program and then you have to appear in a tough competitive exam called the NMAT. Your admission to an MBBS program at Philippines can happen only if you perform very well in NMAT and manage to get selected. The task is as tall as getting a Government MBBS seat through NEET.

Also, when compared to the European and other Asian Universities, the world rankings of the available Philippines Medical Universities are very low. Another factor that may discourage you in opting for Philippines is the fact that most of the available Universities are private.

Apart from being private, these Universities are also lacking in experience as they have come into existence in the recent past. If that is not enough, you may have to study with students who don’t perform well academically because these Universities give admission to even those who have scored as low as the 40th percentile in NMAT. If you wish to understand this in terms of the NEET UG parameter in India, the Philippines Medical Universities are accepting students who rank as low as 7 lakh.

A fact that drags numerous foreign students to Philippines is the cost of pursuing MBBS which is quite affordable. On an average, you only have to pay 15 Lacs- 25 Lacs for pursuing MBBS in Philippines 2021. But this is not it. The admission will not directly happen in the MD program and this is what most of the consultants are well aware of avoid disclosing it to you. Another catch is the quality of medical education differs from university to university and is not good in comparison with MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Ukraine, etc.

Speaking of the MBBS duration in Philippines, it is 6 years. The last 1 year is dedicated for internship and practical exposure just like most of the abroad countries. In addition to this, when you apply for admission at medical universities in Philippines, you will have to face many unforeseen obstacles since the admission process is not easy at all.

Although the Philippines MBBS fees for Indian studentsis affordable and can be a considerable option but again when you compare it with other countries like Ukraine, Russia, etc., the quality of education is not at all comparable. It’s just that with a minimal rise in fees, you can still have better options then MBBS in Philippines.

Furthermore, you must know this that the MD degree in Philippines is equivalent to the bachelor degree and therefore do not confuse it with the PG in India. Again, most of the education consultants won’t tell you this. Moksh clearly states that admission to a BS program doesn’t mean that you become a doctor instead it’s just a pre-medical program leading to BS.

Below are few reasons on why you should be careful of before choosing to pursue medical studies from MBBS in Philippines:

  1. There are some places which are quite expensive from the student’s perspective. For instance: Makati City, Quezon City, Pasig city, Manila city, etc.
  2. Not all hotels in Philippines prepare hygienic food and that’s a fact.
  3. Since there is no surety of hygienic food, your health can be at stake.
  4. You can witness frequent rainfall from the month of June to the month of November
  5. Philippines is an island country and this makes the chances of cyclone, very evident.
  6. There are sufficient night pubs and such an exposure to night life might hamper the studies of medical aspirants.
  7. Usually, many students happen to experience the patient encounter at a later stage, which is not a very good sign as far as the practical exposure is concerned.

Thus, Moksh doesn’t recommend you to go for MBBS in Philippines because if you consider this as an option, the foremost problem is you will have to undergo the pre-medical course. The next issue is that you have to appear for NMAT so as to get the admission and FYI this system is followed by each WHO approvedbest medical college in Philippines for Indian students. This NMAT exam does not suit to 30% of the students who are up for admission at the top medical colleges in Philippines. In addition to this, if you even appear for NMAT and happens to clear it, you might still not get the seat for MD in the same medical college. Landing to the syllabus part, it is very different as compared to other countries plus you can also witness a vast difference in the eligibility for MBBS in Philippines.

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