Get to Know About the Ways that can Help You to Access the Blocked Sites

The websites are getting blocked, and this is increasing day by day due to many reasons. Various factors are there for which the government is restricting many sites for access. Users face many problems working in educational institutions by getting the sites blocked. There are many ways to access the blocked sites and get the unavailable content quickly.

If you are interested to know the ways for getting access to the blocked sites, read it till the end to learn the tricks!

1. Use VPN

VPN is the best technology to access unavailable sites and restricted data. Free and premium VPN is available, but people prefer free VPN to use. Free VPN provides access with ultra-fast connection and ensures the proper security of your personal information. Various free VPNs are available that are ranked based on their efficiency, and DewVPN is top-ranked there.

2. Use Chrome to Access

Many sites are there that are blocked by your computer. Go to the settings of the chrome and unblock the particular area to access. Enter the site address of the website and click on the site settings to clear the site. If you are facing any problem, see the tutorials on YouTube for doing it.

3. Use IP Instead of URL

The website has an IP address with a specific URL. The authority saves the URL while blocking a site. When you search for that site, the protected URL denotes its blockage. So use an IP address instead of a URL while searching for a particular banned site.

4.Website Unblocker

Proxy websites are there to help you access the blocked site. These websites copy the ISPs of the restricted site so that you can use it now without any restriction. Website unblockers work for access to banned videos, networks, sites, and emails.

5. Use the Google Translate

Google translate is an educational tool that is used in schools and colleges for educational purposes. It is not blocked anywhere and helps you translate the banned website into a language you can easily understand. Place the URL of the restricted site and get the translated URL below for a click to gain access to the blocked website.

6. Wayback Machine

Wayback machine is the best way to use the banned sites. One website has many versions, and the Wayback machine saves all the versions of the websites. If a site has been blocked, you can use another saved version of that site for easy access.

7. Use TOR

The onion router is an efficient site blocker bypass tool that offers you proper use. There are dual advantages to using this as you can access the blocked sites and get rid of the monitoring. It is a powerful way to use banned sites. You can access the sites that are blocked on the usual web.


Many reasons are there behind blocking the websites and applications. The educational sites are mandatory to use regularly. So what will happen if they are banned for a reason? Instead of getting worried about it, just read this article and solve the problem by using the most convenient method to use the blocked websites. All methods are efficient, but free VPN use is best in every aspect.

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