Get To Know Internet Download Manager Crack Version 6.38 Build 17 With Free Serial Key.

IDM Crack Internet Download Manager crack now comes with version 6.38 build 17. This version makes it a faster tool for downloads and resumes. Increase download speed, download schedule, and resume up to 5 times.

It currently comes with serial keys 100% free and with a simple graphical interface for all users. Resuming and full recovery from errors will restart downloads due to network problems, lost connections, unexpected power interruptions, and computer shutdowns.

Do you want to know more about this internet download manager? Below you will have the best information about Idm download Crack version 6.38 build 17.

Idm Crack Is Easy To Use

Here is an easy-to-use tool, and it has a very smart universal download accelerator. It offers you a more dynamic, comfortable, intelligent file segmentation and a safe download technology.

It differs from other download managers and accelerators because this manager’s license key has more dynamic downloaded segments in the download process. Also, it reuses all available connections and has no additional logs or critical steps for better performance.

Internet download manager crack supports HTTP and FTP protocols, proxy servers, cookies, redirects, authorization, firewalls, and video and audio content processing. It has multi-language support, download categories, zip preview, sounds at various events, business hours, queue processor, HTTPS tutorial support, and HTML help.

All keys integrate with Microsoft Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Netscape, Opera, AOL, Mozilla, Avant Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and all popular browsers.

Count on optimized protection against viruses once the download is complete. It also has progressive download with limits, which is very useful for connections that use FAP access policies or just like Hughes, Direct PC, and Direcway.

Version 6.38 serial key is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Vista. On the other hand, it contains support for Windows 10 and includes an IDM download panel ideal for web-players. This release adds an updated integration with IE-based browsers and with IE 11.

It also has a redesigned scheduler, a page downloader with support for the MMS protocol.

What Are The Salient Features Of IDM 6.38 Build 17 2021?

IDM serial key has a large number of improved features such as:

  • You can speed up your download up to 5 times due to its smart technology for efficient file segmentation.
  • It has a simple and improved graphical interface that any user can use.
  • Idm Crack 6.38 is compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Netscape, Opera, AOL, Mozilla, Avant Browser, Mozilla Firefox, IE, and other popular browsers.
  • Idm integrates with any web application where you admire downloads using the browser’s Advanced Integration feature.
  • When your browser clicks on the download link, you will see Idm Patched Download download and speed up. You should only browse the Internet as you normally do.
  • Supports Https, HTTP, MMS, and FTP protocols.
  • You will be able to resume the incomplete download from where you left off. With the resume functionality and comprehensive recovery, interrupted downloads will restart due to broken or lost connections, computer shutdowns, and network problems.
  • It has a simple and fast installer that will make the necessary changes and verify the connection to ensure a complete and hassle-free installation.
  • Includes an antivirus that keeps downloads free of Trojans and viruses. It can automatically start a scan after the download completes like Avast, AVG Anti-Virus, AdAware, Spybot, Norton Internet Security, McAfee, CCleaner, etc. They will protect users from any harmful downloaded files.
  • You can connect to the Internet and download files at a specific time and whenever you want. You will be able to sync all file changes regularly.
  • You can create multiple download queues and can schedule them to be downloaded or synchronized.
  • It has multiple languages ​​, and the serial Idm download can translate into Arabic, Albanian, German, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Korean, Croatian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, French, Greek, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Thai, Turkish, and Uzbek.
  • You will be able to choose the buttons, the order, the columns that will appear in your main Idm window. It has a wide variety of toolbar masks with different button styles. You will be able to download the skins from the Idm Crack home page. All users will also be able to customize and design their skins.
  • The limited progressive download feature is intended to limit downloads to several megabytes per hour. That is very useful for connections that use fair access policies like Hughes, Direcway, Direct PC, etc.

Pros And Cons Of Idm 6.38 Build 17

idm download free full version with serial key has advantages and disadvantages as with any download tool, such as:


  • Your software is pure. You must receive the software from an official website to receive a clean download containing any adware or spy file.
  • It has a faster download process. Idm Crack serial key short videos free download can download instantly. How much with a built-in accelerator makes the download speed faster.
  • When you download the files, an antivirus program will automatically scan them to protect all users from malicious files. With these downloads, your computer is always protected and safe.
  • You will have an optimal and efficient program that has been on the market for many years. Idm Crack has received almost 50 awards from sites dedicated to software review.
  • How much with multilingual support. This internet download manager includes more than 30 languages. That allows you to use your language in the program anywhere in the world.
  • You will have the help you need the moment you get stuck in any role. Just click F1 and search for the topics you want.
  • Has permanent solid updates. The software will always try to correct any errors quickly. The program tries to improve and be able to meet the expectations of all users and that they have a quality tool.


  • For many users, the download of Idm Crack has a very simple and clumsy interface. Other download tools have a more modern and prominent interface. Anyone can use it and meet their fundamental download needs.
  • You may need some technical knowledge to be able to use the advanced functions.
  • Although the trial version is free, there are advanced or special features that are not available with the free trial version, such as the built-in download accelerator.
  • Does not have a live chat or live support, email address, or phone number for customer service. There are only frequently asked questions that are based on knowledge of the website.

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