Getting an Automatic Driveway Gate for Your Home or Office

When you’re talking about installing an automatic gate, Austin has plenty of installers you can choose from. But getting an automatic gate for your home or office installed isn’t anything like getting a normal gate installed. You need to know what kind of gate will work for your property first. You will also need to be aware of some potential issues.

How Automatic Gates Work

First things first though—an automatic gate works via an electronically powered mechanism, usually consisting of a lever, a gearbox, and a motor. These components need to be installed prior to the gate installation because they will require a little bit of preparation. The moving parts, for example, will need to have a solid base. Otherwise, they may get damaged and malfunction. 

Activating the components can be done via a sensor or remote control. Remote-activated gates are no different than your standard remote-controlled garage door. There’s a sensor that is activated by a switch on the remote control. Press that switch when the remote is in range of the sensor, and the gate will activate. 

Some smart home systems utilize wifi and mobile phones to get this to work. If your phone can access the mechanism server through the internet, then you can activate your gate wherever you may be.

Other gates are sensor activated. These sensors are installed in the driveway towards your gate, or directly on your gate. Upon detecting a motor vehicle, the sensors activate the gate’s mechanism, which will then open the gate. 

These gates also come with keypad or keycard access, which is an added layer of security, should you need to operate the gate without remote control access, or if one of the sensors is malfunctioning. 

Types of Automatic Gates

There are two basic types of automatic gates: swing and sliding.

Swing gates

These are your standard gates and operate with the same principles as doors. When the sensor is activated, the gate panel/s will swing open, letting you enter or exit your property at will.

Swing gates motors are commonly mounted on pillars near the gate panels, or on top of the gate panels themselves. The motor has an arm that will push and pull the gate open or closed. 

When the motor is on top of the gate, the arm is a universal arm (or gate ram for wooden gates) that folds in order to accommodate the additional movement of swinging the gate. 

Sliding gate

If you have a fence but not enough room for a swinging gate, then a sliding gate may be a more efficient option. These gates don’t swing; instead, they slide alongside the fence of your property, hence the name.

Sliding gate mechanisms are a little bit more complex than swing gates. The gate needs to be mounted on a rail or track, usually on rollers. This setup will ensure that the gate will operate only along the path intended. 

The sliding gate mechanism is composed of a motor and gearbox, usually mounted near the gate. The motor speed needs to be calibrated just so, in order for it to have enough power to operate the weight of the sliding gate. 

Why Get an Automatic Driveway Gate?

There are plenty of benefits from getting automatic gates, here are some of them.

Safety and Security

The first, and biggest, consideration is safety and security. These gates are usually installed with additional security measures in mind, including a gate intercom, closed-circuit cameras, and tougher locks. These can help you monitor who goes in or out of your property via that gate.


This might not be the most important, but automatic gates are pretty convenient. You reduce the number of physical locks you need to worry about. You also make it easier to get into your property during inclement weather.


Automatic gates are great for keeping your property private. Since they can’t easily be opened by somebody without the proper access, people will need to identify themselves before they even get to your front door. This means you can screen people before letting them in – and you can keep out individuals you don’t want to deal with. 

Work with an Expert

It’s important to get the opinion of an expert before getting your gate installed. That’s because issues like the size of the gateway and the terrain of your property need to be considered. It’s easy to make a mistake during the installation process when you work with a company that didn’t take the time to study all potential issues.

When it comes to installing a great automatic gate, Austin Iron Fences is a good company to consider. They have had plenty of experience in the installation of automatic and manual gates in the region. Give them a call to find out how they might be able to help you out. 

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