Summer is here, and that means one thing: it’s time to take your vehicle out into the sunshine and have some fun. But how should you prepare your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for the fun? Here are a few simple summer truck maintenance tips that can help ensure your truck is ready to ride into the warm months.

  1. Pay attention to your tires. Paying close attention to your tires is one of the tips on how to get your truck ready for summer. If properly maintained, your tires could last you several years, eliminating the need for a regular tire change. But tires don’t last forever, so it’s important to keep their tip-top shape to ensure optimal safety and performance. Properly inflated tires can help extend mileage and also increase fuel economy.
  2. Inspect to see if your coolant is still cool. Keeping your truck in good condition will help to keep everyone safe this summer. The summer heat can cause many problems for a car, truck, or motorcycle, and overheating is one of the most common. Coolant is the liquid that flows from the engine block and through all of the circuits of the cooling system. Coolant is blended with water or antifreeze and cooled to a temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Coolant is essential to protecting the engine from overheating.
  3. Check your car’s brakes. Summer is almost here, and with that comes the driving season, which means people will be hitting the road for road trips, vacations, or just to take their kids to school. As you’re preparing your vehicle for the season, be sure to perform a brake inspection, as well. Brakes are one of the most important systems on your vehicle, and as a vehicle owner, it’s up to you to make sure it’s ready for the open road.
  4. You might want to check your brake fluid as well. If driving is your passion, then you have no choice but to have a safe truck. A safety-conscious driver will regularly check fluids levels in their truck. If you allow your brakes to get low, it can result in a serious crash for you and other motorists. One of the most important fluids to check is brake fluid. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that transmits braking forces from the brake pedal to the brake pads. It absorbs heat from the brakes, absorbs moisture, and lubricates the brake parts. If your summer plans include taking time off for fun or traveling, chances are you’ll need to ask your trucker friends for help hauling or towing. Before you begin, make sure your truck’s brakes and brake fluid are tip-top shapes; you want to be sure you’re ready to take on the road. 
  5. Don’t forget to check your car’s automatic transmission fluid. The automatic transmission fluid, or ATF, is the lifeblood of the transmission. It lubricates and cools the transmission. The ATF also cleans the transmission. Finding the right transmission fluid for your trusty old truck can be a challenge. There are hundreds of different fluids on the market, each with its own distinct viscosity, temperature, and cleanliness rating, so it’s easy to get confused. The first step is to consult your owner’s manual, which should contain information about what fluid is recommended, as well as the specific recommendations regarding what type of transmission your vehicle uses.
  6. Do a battery check. You’ve checked all the gas, oil, and water levels in your truck, and you’re ready to roll. But there’s always one last thing to check before you pull out of the driveway. In the spring, your battery needs to be charged. A fully charged battery is essential for every truck driver. The truck’s electrical system needs adequate power to start, move, and operate your vehicle. Performing this charge-up routine before the summer heat sets in will help avoid being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.
  7. It’s time for an oil check. Are you getting ready for summer? Old gas in your vehicle puts a strain on your car engine. It causes damage. And your vehicle won’t run as well. So, now’s the time to check your oil. Oil changes are one of the simpler yet important tasks that truck owners can do to make sure their vehicle is running smoothly. Your car’s engine actually burns oil. That’s why it is so important that you check the oil on a regular basis. Oil changes are easy and inexpensive and will help keep your engine running smoothly.
  8. Replace your windshield wipers. Summer is coming, which will mean a lot of sand, mud, and bugs will be flying toward your windshield. It becomes even more important that your truck’s windshield wipers are working properly to keep debris away from your eyes and make sure you can see in heavy driving rain. That’s why you should change them as part of pre-summer maintenance.
  9. Top off your power steering engine fluids. Since your power steering fluid won’t go bad, topping it off is a quick, easy, and inexpensive project and can make a huge difference in how your truck handles. Top off your engine fluids to maintain their performance and prevent it from breaking down on you.
  10. Car wash is a priority. A car wash is a quick and easy way to remove dirt and grime, making it look like new, and it keeps your car looking its best, preventing wear and tear. Get your car washed at a local car wash, which can help prevent dirt and grime buildup that can degrade a car’s appearance. And if you’re planning a summer road trip, you’ll get more mileage out of your vehicle if it is clean.
  11. Fix even the littlest things. If you’ve owned your truck for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed all the little problems that tend to pop up when your truck gets parked in the garage for the winter. From leaky ball joints to sticking brakes, it may seem like that’s the way with trucks: just when you think you’ve taken care of everything, you’re reminded of something else that needs to be done.

Summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning your camping trips…and your vehicle. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to get a truck camper. These camping units are self-contained and easily installed in the back of your vehicle, and they make for excellent traveling home. Campers and Tiedowns will help you secure your camper to your truck, and the camper’s cargo lifters will help you load and unload it with ease. The only things left to do are pick out the perfect truck camper and pack your camping gear!

Before you start your road trip…

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean it’s time to put winter tires on. It’s important to change your summer tires now because summer tires have a softer compound than winter tires, so they can wear faster and result in unsafe driving conditions. Also, fluctuating temperatures can take a toll on your tires.

Also, summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take some of the steps necessary to prepare your truck for summer. These include things like washing, waxing, and waterproofing your truck, and while that may seem like a lot of work, it’s well worth the time, effort, and money. If you don’t have the necessary tools to ready your vehicle for an upcoming trip, how about consulting a professional service for it? Trademasters can inspect your tires for free to make sure they’re in the best condition possible.

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