Most of us work on Word documents for contracts, resumes, and even sensitive agreements. However, Word formats can be easier to edit and prone to a data breach. What if we can convert it into a type of document that offers more security to your files? 

What is PDF?

PDF files are used everywhere, and it is highly recommended for documents with important data. Having a Word to PDF converter makes it easier for everyone to keep their files extra safe from hackers. 

PDF files are difficult to copy, and sometimes, the typical copy and paste techniques used on Word will not work on PDF files. It is also similar to images. You can add watermarks to avoid getting your work duplicated or even personalize it with your signature.

Nowadays, businesses often have their files converted to PDF because it’s easier to view them on any device. Even employers request a PDF version of your resumes and cover letter. So how can I convert my Word documents to PDF? 

Start Converting Word to PDF Online!

In the digital age, the internet offers more than in the early years it has started. One of them is web-based or cloud-based file converters! Usually, people download and install several PDF applications on their mobile devices and computers, but with GogoPDF, all you need is an internet connection.

Safe and Convenient

GogoPDF can be accessed online, offering various tools for PDF conversions and editing, including the Word to PDF converter. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can access the Word to PDF tool anywhere! 

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to convert your Word files to PDF. Just follow the four easy steps provided on the website, and the tool will convert them in a matter of seconds. You can upload your files from your device or Dropbox.

More to the Word to PDF converter is its compatibility. It can work on multiple operating systems, namely, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also access the tool on several browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 

If you worry about a data breach, GogoPDF is committed to protecting all files you have worked on their website. After an hour, your files are deleted from their server. That also gives you ample time to redownload your work if need be.

Edit Your PDF 

GogoPDF not only offers you the tool to convert your Word documents to PDFbut also provides a range of PDF editing tools right after you receive your converted file. Thus, removing the hassle of opening another tab for another purpose.

Before downloading your PDF files, GogoPDF offers four editing tools that you can utilize right away! You can add your signature by choosing the eSign option or convert it to JPG. The options to merge and compress your PDF files are also available in a click.

Easy Sharing and Saving Options

To top off the level of convenience the Word to PDF converting tool provides, you can also share and save your converted documents in several ways. To share your file directly via email, you click the “Share via Email” option. You can also share the file on multiple online platforms by copying the URL for download.

Moreover, saving the file can be done in just a few clicks too. The Word to PDF converting tool offers three downloading options for its users. You can download it directly to your device, Dropbox, and even Google Drive. You can also build rapport with your colleagues by making their lives easy by sharing the tool on five online platforms.

It’s Free!

As much as our lives have become better with the internet, some Word to PDF converting tools online or downloadable apps are not free for use. Some of them may not even be safe for your card details.

With GogoPDF, every transaction is free. No need to spend a dollar or even cents just to experience the Word to PDF tool. It’s perfect for people looking for jobs, students, and even for small business owners. However, GogoPDF will soon offer their Pro subscription, which will provide more exciting tools for their users.


With PDF as one of the most sought after file formats online, we can’t help but adapt to the changes in the file requirements. GogoPDF provides several PDF conversion tools that will never hurt your wallet. Visit their website and try their popular Word to PDF conversion tool today!


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