Great Ideas For Weekend Abroad

Since most citizens in the UK were asked to refrain from overseas travel in 2020 due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, it is no surprise that people are waiting to go on international holidays in 2021. With work commitments, businesses to get back on track, and things to look forward to, long holidays away from home can be challenging. It is possible, however, to take a weekend holiday abroad and return rejuvenated and fresh.

Many people have also been waiting to apply for their refreshed immigration status, permanent residency, and more. It would be best to speak to Bath immigration lawyers and get the documentation cleared up and applications made before you fly out of the country for vacation.

Since the UK is so strategically located, countries across Europe are ideal for quick weekends abroad. Let us help you with a few ideas for a short holiday. You might also need Intex excursion pro kayak during your visit.

Naples, Italy:

Naples in Italy is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes from London airports. It has some of Italy’s tastiest food hotspots and the best balmy weather you could ask for. You can spend an entire evening sitting out with some candlelight and eating thin and thick crust pizzas, pan-roasted delicacies, and pasta!

Naples is also known for its exquisite seafood dishes. If you want, you should eat the baby octopus in garlic and oil with some flatbread. If you want to visit and see some sights, you could visit Capri, Ponza, Ischia, and Procida. Staying in Naples and returning to the UK would be a breeze, especially over the weekend. Check the guide on vidanta timeshare cancellation.

Santorini, Greece:

The beauty in Santorini will take your breath away. This dormant volcanic island has towns the colour of snow! The sea is a gorgeous blue colour that can calm your mood and lift your spirits. You can sit, eat, swim, relax, drink wine; the options are endless in Santorini. Many people don’t know that Santorini is one of the oldest wine producers in the region and still has some fabulous vineyards and tasting tours.

It has gorgeous craggy coves, vineyards, and the famous beach with rust-coloured cliffs overlooking the sea – Red Beach). In Santorini, you should book a villa with a pool overlooking the sea to calm your spirit and enjoy nature.

The flight time from London Gatwick is less than 4 hours.

Biarritz, France:

Biarritz in France is even closer than Santorini. The flight time from London Stansted is approximately 2 hours. Biarritz is known as a prime surfing spot. It also has fabulous underwater reefs that are responsible for the enormous waves on Côte des Basques Beach. If you’re not a pro-surfer, you can find plenty of training institutes that offer beginners’ quick safety and surf classes. Nearly all large brands from the surfing industry have their stores at the beachfront, so you can also get some surf-style shopping done. Needless to say, in France the food is fabulous.

If surfing isn’t your passion, you can also take a walk to the open market for some freshly made seafood. Some delicacies in Biarritz are shucked oysters, cockles, and the bream. You can also tuck in the famous French truffles, foie gras, salami, and cheeses.

Marrakech, Morocco:

Marrakech, the crown jewel of Morocco, is an ancient-modern city just 4 hours by flight from London Gatwick. People with art in their souls should head to Marrakech to get enthralled by the many souks. The souks (marketplaces) in Marrakech are uniquely separated according to the artisanal crafts.

In some souks, you will find spices; in others, leather, silverware, perfume, jewellery, and so on. You should head to the Jemaa el-Fna night market and partake in some shopping and some delicious Moroccan food. If you’re in a mood for shopping, you could also head to the many fashion boutiques around Marrakech or visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Ibiza, Spain:

Most people going to Ibiza immediately think of the roaring parties by the beach, and they wouldn’t be wrong! If you’re in the mood to let your hair down, you should definitely head to Ibiza. The flight time from London Gatwick is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

If you don’t want to party, you could also spend the day at the beach sipping cocktails and eating tasty seafood. Spain is known for its mojitos and paellas. You should also taste some of the local tapas and drive around to see the various sights of Ibiza. The locals are incredibly friendly and are extremely welcoming of tourists.

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