Guide on Owning a Cat — Explaining Breeds and Bombay Cats

Quarantine has definitely changed the way we live our lives, and now more than ever, things like mental health and depression have started to receive a lot more attention. This is because we lack social meetings the most during such times, and going outside, engaging in normal activities, as well as just being able to have some human interaction, is more difficult nowadays.

That is why a lot of people have started to get pets. As mentioned over here, owning a pet has been scientifically proven to help with many mental dilemmas which have become even more prominent happening due to quarantine.

A pet is a healthy way to fight loneliness, an incredible aid in the fight against depression and anxiety, and it can also greatly improve our mood and provide us with a reason to keep on living. Also, order your flea collar for cats today at the Dewel Pro.

Among the most common options people go for, cats and dogs are included in the mix. In this article, though, we will talk about cats specifically, and discuss one of the many indoor breeds you can go for: the Bombay cat breed.

Some Basic Information

Cats are, in a way, very independent. They don’t require as much attention as dogs since they are capable of going to the bathroom by themselves as long as they have a litter box, they can deal with the daily care of their own, and might not require as much observation or attentive owners.

This behavior might be mistaken, and some people label cats as pets that don’t actually love their owner, but this is far from the truth. Some cats, like the Bombay feline, do require love and attention to grow happy since it is indeed a very sociable breed.

Some other breeds like the Siamese, Sphynx, and Ragdoll, are also very sociable and do require some level of attention, regardless of their race. Without it, they might grow restless, anxious, and stressed, which can cause a lot of health-related problems, both mentally and physically speaking.

Scottish fold kittens come in various sizes and colors. The cost depends on what you are looking for while buying. Visit Scottish fold kittens for sale and know the type and breed you are looking for. The greatest advantage of a kitten, however, is that most of them are great indoor pets, meaning that they don’t require as much time outside to release some of their energy, do their daily necessities, and overall improve their mood, while some dogs do require this to remain healthy.

That said, there are outdoor breeds that, although they can live perfectly fine in an indoor environment, do require some level of exercise, and might feel stressed if they don’t engage in physical activities. Some good examples include the Norwegian Forest, European Shorthair and Maine Coon.

The Bombay Feline

A Bombay cat is a short-haired feline, known for its panther-like looks and its black coat. They are also famous for their long life span since they can live up to 20 years. they are highly sociable and are not scared of showing love and appreciation.

For people who are dealing with loneliness, this can be a huge trait since they often seek attention and love from their owners, as mentioned over here They might get anxious if left alone for long periods of time, though, so it is recommended to have another cat or pet to make the company. Thankfully, they do get along with other cats!

The Bombay feline is one of the recommended breeds for indoors, however, you have multiple options out there. With that said, regardless of the breed, you go for, you have to take in mind some aspects of owning a cat, and we will cover them in the next segments.

The Right Mindset of a Cat Owner

A cat owner should be prepared to take care of the necessities of its cat, since, even though they have some level of independence, they still have specific necessities that need to be fulfilled. A very important aspect of owning a cat is controlling its diet, for example.

That is why, if you are to become a cat owner, you should prepare for the adventure.

 Also, do not dare to adopt a cat just to have a pet while quarantine is up, then return it afterward! That is completely irresponsible, and shouldn’t be done under any circumstances! 

Dietary Problems and Exercising

There’s a huge problem with overweight cats all around the world. This is because owners do not control or supervise what their cats eat, and a cat still needs exercise even when they live inside. Neutering a cat tends to result in overweight after a few years as well, so exercising is as important.

That is why, first, you should take your time to prepare and research an adequate diet for your cat. Cats should alternate between dry and wet food, so their teeth and jaws remain strong, but too much dry food can cause damages to their digestive system, so alternating between the two is recommended.

If you can, do your research and create a dietary plan for your cat. Not something too complicated, just something that keeps them healthy and happy, without you having to spend too much money and time preparing or looking for food.

You should also have some amenities laying around, like toys to make sure that your cat is exercising enough, and also a scratching spot and or a scratching tower so they can move around. Having a couple of cats will certainly help with this, since the chances of them playing around are there, and it can also help with their anxiety in case you were to leave for work.

Other Things You Should Have

A litter box is probably the most important amenities you should have, since the faster you train your cat to do its necessities on it, the better. Litter sand is also recommended, since it is much more absorbent than sand, and can get rid of smells for some time.

Other things you might need include things like a brush to get rid of excessive undercoat, which is the fur cats shed on a regular basis, some shampoo to clean your cat, and also, its own towel so you can dry them.

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