Guide to Using Kratom for Newbies

Even though kratom has been used by ancient Southeast Asian cultures for thousands of years, it can still be confusing for new users because there is so much information, often conflicting, about it out there. If you intend to start using kratom for its various health benefits and to boost your productivity, creativity, and concentration, it can be a good idea to know some of the essentials about it and its use.

What Is Kratom

Kratom is an extract derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree that grows in various Southeast Asian countries. While the benefits of kratom have been known by the ancients for many thousands of years, it has come into public focus relatively recently after users in America discovered its effects. Commonly sold in the form of a powder, kratom can be consumed in several ways, including making it into tea. Some tips on using kratom that can maximize your satisfaction:

Start In a Small Way

It is important to start in a small way when you are consuming kratom for the first time. It is because you have no idea about how your body will react to it and whether you like the effect or not. Also, starting with a small dose will permit your body to get accustomed. Suppliers of kratom are not permitted to offer dosage guidance because of the non-existence of FDA regulations. If you do not feel confident enough to measure the powder yourself, you can opt for capsules that contain a known and specific amount. Not taking a high dose also prevents undesirable effects like stomach upsets. You can also learn if microdosing works for you.

Do Not Take Kratom on an Empty Stomach

Taking kratom without first eating some food is not advisable as it can result in several unwanted side effects that can not only be distressing but also detract from the kratom experience. These side-effects include nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, stomach irritation, heartburn. It is better to ignore advice suggesting the consumption of kratom on an empty stomach to increase its effect.

Know the Strains

The variety of kratom strains can be bewildering to new users. The red vein strain is widely used for its relaxing properties, while the white vein has energizing properties. The green vein is more balanced and offers a mix of both characteristics. More experienced users will likely develop a preference for a product from a specific location like Bali, other parts of Indonesia, and Thailand. The Maeng da strain, available in green, red, or white strains, originated in Thailand; however, you can also get Indonesian and Malaysian strains, according to Healthline.


With some experimentation, you will settle for a certain strain, dose, and form of kratom. However, you must use the best quality of kratom, you can afford so that you can enjoy the benefits to the maximum extent. Remember, the kratom industry is unregulated that there are plenty of suppliers with dubious antecedents who can pass off bad-quality products, or products contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Consulting experienced users is a good way of finding a reputed supplier.

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