Haircare is the art of doing your hair the way you want. If your hair is strong and radiant, any hairstyle can be carried off with grace. All you need is to ensure that you religiously follow the hair care routine. However, despite doing so, do you think your hair is not up to the mark? Are you still suffering from hair fall and split ends? Is dandruff hindering your hair care steps? Do you have severe hair damage? If yes, it is time to include the best hair conditioner in your hair care regime. 

Why Should you opt for the best hair conditioner? 

If you have not used a hair conditioner before, you may not know why this hair care product has gained such popularity. As a hair care product, this is the epitome of success, as experts say. 

The best hair conditioner is so formulized that the best nourishments from the lap of nature can be imparted directly to the scalp region, hair follicles, and hair strands. With deep hydration and moisturization, it helps you get rid of several hair problems like hair fall, split ends, dandruff, and premature greying of hair.

How Should You Choose a Hair Conditioner?  

Now that you know buying the best hair conditioner is essential, let us probe into this further. We want to give you a walkthrough and help you look at the three best conditioners you can buy to upgrade your hair care regimen. First, however, we will tell you how experts have selected these products before that. 

  • Natural Products: Experts believe that people can truly improve their hair if they use ingredients sourced from nature. Such ingredients are not just extremely beneficial but mild as well. However, chemicals like parabens, ammonia, silicones, SLES, and more are toxic in nature. Thus, experts are against using such harmful chemicals.

    At the same time, they imply not using any adulterated products because even the slightest addition of artificial color and fragrance can alter the formula and ruin the beneficial experience.

  • Safety Certificate: The next thing that experts want users to check is the quality of the product. This can be determined if the hair care product has undergone clinical testing for safety. The best hair conditioner will always be accompanied by a safety certificate such as the MadeSafe Certification. Keeping this in mind, it has been recommended by experts and influencers that Mamaearth should be the go-to brand when it comes to buying a hair conditioner. 

One such brand that checks all the boxes of criteria above is Mamaearth. It offers a wide range of safe and gentle hair care products made with the Goodness of Nature using toxin-free ingredients. These products are made Safe certified and are thus good for regular use. 

Which Hair Conditioner Should You Buy?

Now that we know that Mamaearth is the brand for buying the best hair conditioner, we should go ahead and look at the product portfolio. Like we were swayed by the effectiveness of the anti-hair fall oil. Something like the Onion Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl from Mamaearth would work even better with the following matching conditioners. 

Product 1: BhringAmla Conditioner with Bhringraj and Amla for Intense Hair Treatment

  • Ingredients:
      • Bhringraj: Known as the ‘King of Herbs,’ bhringraj improves the hair by controlling hair fall, protecting the hair against damage, and promoting hair growth. In addition, it helps to increase blood circulation, improves the scalp’s health, and prevents dryness and dandruff outbreak. 
      • Amla: This ingredient is famous for the presence of antioxidants, Vitamin C, tannins, and phytonutrients. It helps in preventing premature greying of hair. It also works towards improving scalp health and softening the hair strands. 
      • Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond or the ‘King of Nuts’ has explicit nourishing properties. It keeps the hair soft and tangle-free. This reduces the probability of hair fall, split ends, and similar hair problems. 
  • Benefits: 
    • It improves the texture of the hair by increasing shine and softness. 
    • It reduces hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth.
    • It prevents the outbreak of dandruff. 
    • It also helps to delay premature greying of hair. 

Product 2: Onion Conditioner for Hair Fall Control

  • Ingredients:
      • Onion: Onion extract boosts the supply of blood in the scalp region. This makes the hair follicles healthy and strong. As a result, hair fall is prevented, and hair growth is promoted. 
      • Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Almond Oil is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Together, they add nourishment to the hair and cures hair loss issues. 
      • Coconut: This is one of the finest nourishing ingredients as it penetrates the scalp and moisturizes to the core. It keeps the hair healthy and strong. 
      • Coconut Triglycerides: This is extracted from the coconut and has equally good nourishing properties. As an anti-fungal ingredient, it protects and keeps the hair soft and supple simultaneously.  
  • Benefits: 
    • It helps to keep the hair healthy and detangled while reducing frizz. 
    • The hair is strengthened and nourished while preventing hair fall and hair damage. 
    • The hair develops to restore its soft and supple texture. 

Product 3: Tea Tree Conditioner with Tea Tree and Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair

  • Ingredients: 
      • Tea Tree Oil: Getting rid of lice and dandruff is now easy using the tea tree oil rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties.  
      • Ginger Oil: Ginger improves blood circulation in the scalp region and adds to the health of the scalp and hair. While keeping the scalp clean, it removes irritations, cures itchiness, and prevents dryness with the help of its moisturizing abilities. 
      • Almond Oil: Almond oil restores the hair’s shine and nourishes the hair strands and roots from the core. This is possible due to the abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and magnesium in almond oil.
  • Benefits: 
    • It promotes hair nourishment and enhances the texture of hair. 
    • It cures itchiness and prevents dryness in the scalp region.
    • It helps in dandruff control and prevents greasy or oily hair and scalp. 

These were the three best hair conditioners that you could regularly use to get better results. 


We have looked at the three best hair conditioners. You may note that these conditioners work best with the best hair fall control oil. However, you should also use the product on a regular basis so that your hair gets the benefits you seek. 

After a hair wash twice or thrice a week, using the conditioner should do the needful. Feel free to check out the online reviews and purchase the most suitable hair conditioner out of these three to improve your hair care routine. 

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