There is a huge boost for harness racing with a lot of focus for New South Wales in the coming months. There will be a $15 million prize money and incentive package in the next few races with the hopes of strengthening the racing and breeding industry in the state.

This comes after a small decline in the number of investors and followers in harness racing. Now they want to ramp up the money in the races and make it more than $20,000. That makes it the best and richest racing in the country. Now there are a lot of people who are keen to see their chances of winning in the race as well.

Those who bet on harness racing on are in for a good treat with this one. A lot of people aim to see better wagering chances than the ones they had back then. With more prize money on the actual races, the stakes will be higher than ever as well.

That is a huge boost that a lot of harness racing fans would love to take note customer experience. Betting has been fun in these races, which only shows how important it is for punters to always look out for changes in the system of the sport and make the most of their wagers.

A bigger focus means more value

Harness racing’s $15 million prize money and incentive package means a lot to the industry as a whole. The base prize money for a Menangle metropolitan meeting will scale up to $20,000 – with A-category meetings now set to a $9,760 minimum. The monthly country series finals will now move to $25,000 and all of these adjustments are set to take effect on July 1.

The goal of continuing the strong growth progress boost in the harness racing industry is seen as a big help that a lot of people hope to witness over the years. It has been a sight to behold and it has encouraged a lot of jockeys to keep on pushing to join races.

‘NSW will remain at the forefront in the conduct of high-value feature races, such as the $1 million Miracle Mile and the recently announced $2 million Eureka’, HRNSW chairman Ken Brown said. ‘HRNSW has, with the introduction of a new breeding stimulus package as well as a continued strong focus on prizemoney at the grass-roots level, looked to provide a vital platform for the long-term sustainability of our great code of racing’.

A win for the breeding industry

While jockeys are seen as the main benefactors of the prize money adjustments, it seems that the NSW breeding industry will have a better chance in the coming years. This means more breeding for them with more owners and trainers hoping to come up with the best horse.

Breeders are given an incentive of $2,250 for every live foal bred from a NSW-based mare and an Australian or New Zealand stallion based in the state. The breakdown of payments starts with $250 for a 42-day positive test for mares located in NSW, then $2000 for a live foal from a colonial stallion from an NSW mare.

If it is an overseas stallion or mare together with a NSW native, the value will drop to $1,500. This is why there is always more to expect from the development of NSW horses in the long run. The adjustments make it easy for breeders to get more clients for their stallions or mares.

There is also a big effect in betting as well. Betting can be a big break for a lot of punters who want to win big in harness racing. As one of the most popular sports to bet on, a bigger prize money on the races means more possible winnings for punters in the long run.

Those who try to bet on harness racing on can enjoy a lot of great winnings as long as they make the right call. This is the chance for punters to rack up some handsome prizes and make the most of their wagers.

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