Having Problems With Your Garage Door? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Garage doors are one of the most important parts of your house, protecting you from heat, cold, rain, and snow while also providing a decent amount of privacy. Garage doors are typically made up of three components- garage door opener to open and close it, garage door springs to lift the garage door when opened and garage door cables used to hold the garage in place when closed. While garage doors can be quite complicated at times they’re easy to maintain with the right knowledge! 

It is rather easy to make them work smoothly, some basic tools, some elbow grease, a few spare parts, and any malfunctioning door can look as good as new in a matter of hours. However, there is still certain know-how that needs explaining first.

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Broken Parts 

If your garage door is not working properly, there could be a number of possible reasons. One such reason could be the tension on your garage door springs (or torsion springs). These garage door springs are crucial to having your garage doors work properly- they help lift the garage up when opened and help lower it back down when closed. Garage door springs can either be double or single, depending on how many garage door parts and pieces need to be lifted together (this depends on how heavy your garage door is). 

Another thing to look for is malfunctioning rollers. These garage door rollers are also extremely important when it comes to garage doors working properly. They basically act as wheels so that the garage door can move up and down when you open it, but broken rollers don’t allow that. If your garage door is having issues opening or closing, these garage door parts could be your problem!

Temperature Difference 

If you notice that garage doors in your garage tend to get stuck when they’re open, it is probably because the garage door is opening when there is a big difference in temperature. This can be prevented by adding weatherstripping or insulation on both sides of the garage door. This way, garage doors will not become stuck and you can avoid having to deal with garage door springs that might need to be replaced! 

Weather Damage 

Sometimes garage doors get stuck because of the weather. If this is your problem, then there’s probably a garage door opener handle that needs to be tightened- if not, then you might need garage door springs or garage door cables. Sometimes garage doors have been known to get jammed from water damage over time and garage door cables will need to be replaced.  If garage doors don’t stay in place and there are a lot of sways when garage doors are closed, garage door springs will probably need to be replaced.

Rust Prevention 

Rust can be a garage door problem too- garage doors usually get rusty because of weathering. A quick fix to this garage door issue is garage door oil as this has been known to help prevent garage doors from rusting and thus, help garage doors open and close properly! Metal components rust because they get exposed to air and water, so above all else, you should be careful that they have some sort of coating on them.  


Scratches can appear for any number of reasons,  but garage door tracks are one of the most common spots for garage doors to get scratched. If you run your hand along your garage door track and feel some rough patches, this means that garage door cables will need to be replaced. 

The Needed Tools  

To install garage door cables, you will need a garage door cable tool and socket. To replace garage door springs and garage door cables, you should also have a ladder that is able to hold your weight as well as an adjustable wrench. You should not attempt garage door repair without either of those because it can be very dangerous. 

If garage doors are broken, try opening and closing them with manual force before calling someone to fix your garage door parts – it might just be a temporary fix! Also, if the doors tend to get stuck, make sure there isn’t any debris keeping the mechanism from moving freely. Sometimes removing old lubricant or replacing it with new lubricant can help the doors function properly again! 

Though you will most likely have a hammer at hand – don’t use it! Almost all repairs only require changing parts, screwing, and unscrewing, so there is no need to hit one of the panels just to put it back in place.

Automatic Closing Systems 

When garage doors are closing, there might be children or pets nearby- garage doors can crush them, leaving the owner devastated. That’s why garage door automatic closing systems were invented to prevent accidents like this. If garage doors don’t close automatically (and you feel that they never have), then garage door springs could be out of order and need to be replaced. 

Preventing Problems 

Garage door repair is a necessity because of damages. But if garage doors are having problems- there might be a bigger problem in the long run, such as faulty garage door wiring which can cause your entire system to fail! That’s why it’s better to prevent these kinds of problems from happening in the first place. Keeping it working is also the best way of ensuring a good life for your car, especially if you plan on selling it later. There are many simple ways to do this – for example, never park a car too close to your garage door and clean out any existing rust. 

Garage doors are a crucial part of your home- they provide protection from the elements and privacy. In order to ensure you get the most out of your garage door, it’s important that you keep up with maintenance tasks like changing the springs every 10 years or replacing cables when necessary. If there was one piece of advice one could give to garage owners about their door, it would be this: don’t neglect routine maintenance! It will help prolong the life of your garage door and make sure you have a safe place to store all those holiday decorations come December.

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