Healthland Centriq vs Acumen

Looking for an end-to-end feature comparison of Healthland Centriq vs Acumen software? Look no further than this comprehensive guide. Even though Acumen is purely a nephrology-specific solution, it doesn’t mean it’s comparable with Healthland Centriq. Read till the end to find out the differences between Healthland Centriq vs Acumen EHR.

Healthland EHR Features: 

Here we have categorized the features Healthland Centriq offers for medical practices.


The EHR module of Healthland Centriq is composed of intuitive features and services. It is not just associated with facilitating the providers but also focuses on patient-centered services. Handling both these parts simultaneously leads to effective patient interactions. The primary features included in this module are e-prescribing: pharmacy integrations and management, lab integration, document management, and voice recognition. In addition, this solution covers a comprehensive patient portal and allows for secure communication for patients.

Practice Management: 

The best thing about the PM module of Healthland Centriq EHR is that it comes with a centralized dashboard that is fully customizable. Providers can use it to get real-time insights into the progress of clinical operations. Also, it offers services like appointment scheduling, payroll generation interoperability, and, above all, concise task lists for practices. This interoperable solution supports quality integrations and even provides human resource management services to help retain employees.


Healthland Centriq features a solid revenue cycle service for a wide range of medical facilities. This revenue cycle management solution is wholly inclined to streamlining the claims management process. It helps with handling claims from scratch. This module efficiently scrubs claims to rub off all squeaky claims. Adding to it, there’s a denial resolution service to keep the denial rate to a minimum. Besides that, it provides reporting services to track the progress status of claims.

Medical Billing: 

The medical billing services of this integrated platform are lit. This flawless module functions to optimize the bill management process of clinical practices. There are effective medical coding facilities for all, no matter what specialty provider practices. Not only that, it reduces the days spent on A/R. Invoice generation is a hassle-free task for Healthland Centriq automates it from the ground up. Managed billing services are also available for physicians who want to handle the bills their own way.

Healthland Centriq Reviews:

Want to know what reviews say about the services of Healthland Centriq? Here’s what we gathered by assessing the Healthland Centriq reviews.

  • The vendor leads to a considerable increase in the monthly revenue collections.
  • Handling bills and invoices is not a big deal with this sturdy EHR platform.
  • It significantly enhances the patient satisfaction rate with its pack of patient-centric tools.
  • It cuts down the clinical expenses by digitizing the entire workflow.
  • Healthland Centriq reviews are full of praises for its customizability, user-friendliness, and interoperability.

You can learn more facts about Healthland Centriq by going through the reviews yourself.

Acumen EHR Features:

Let’s look at the remarkable features offered by Acumen EHR:

Acumen EHR:

Acumen EHR features a reliable EHR that connects with Epic Care to improve the level of care provided. Thin integration with Epic Care empowers practitioners with tech-savvy functionalities like audit protection.  Besides basic services like clinical documentation and instant access to patient records, this solution offers custom clinical content and credentialed coding staff facilities. What adds to the list is the distinctive capabilities of Acumen EHR, such as CKD management, dialysis rounding, and hospital rounding.

Practice Management:

Acumen EHR wins the ground with its state-of-the-art practice management features. The PM module of this robust platform reduces the workload of clinical administrators. It enables them to use digitized services to get tasks done way faster. Besides task management, the practice management solution allows for managed billing, scheduling appointments, and integration with third parties. On top of that, executive-grade interoperability helps practice grow at a consistent pace by dodging all location and communication barriers.

Acumen Nephrologix:

As Acumen is a nephrology-specific platform, it explicitly features a nephrology module. This service is designed to assist nephrologists by helping them combat all clinical challenges. Features like proprietary benchmarking are there so providers can look into their performance. Acumen Nephrologix offers customizable growth plans and improvement plans to let nephrologists come up with strategic planning to help them succeed. It works by evaluating the care outcomes and managing the patient population in real-time.

Acumen RCM:

No other EHR system features an all-inclusive RCM module as Acumen does. Its RCM solution is one-in-a-kind and is inclusive of intuitive tools and services to upsurge the revenue growth of medical practices. It comprises unparalleled services such as payment posting, charge review, electronic payer enrollments, and pre-edit processing. Besides these, basic RCM services like denial management, A/R monitoring, and insurance follow-ups are also available. Adding to it, Acumen features a dedicated account manager for handling the finances of medical practices and comes with a monthly performance reporting tool.

Acumen EHR Reviews:

Reviews present Acumen EHR like an open book leaving no aspect untouched. Here’s the crux of Acumen EHR reviews:

  • It is highly adaptable and provides excellent customer support.
  • Managing practices is no longer a hassle with this robust clinical solution.
  • Its interoperable nature makes it easier for providers to connect with other specialists.
  • Document management has never been too easy before.
  • It facilitates data sharing through a secure communication interface.

For more details, evaluate the Acumen reviews yourself.


Now is the time to conclude this Healthland Centriq vs Acumen comparison by highlighting the potential differences between the two. To begin with, Acumen EHR is solely a nephrology-specific solution, whereas Healthland Centriq is a multi-specialty solution. Secondly, the RCM solution of Healthland Centriq is not even remotely similar to that of Acumen EHR. Even the reviews of Acumen software are all praises for its revenue cycle module.

Acumen Nepphrorologix offers unparalleled clinical services to help practices prosper that are not provided by any other EHR. All this shows that Acumen EHR is the best choice for nephrology-specific practices. However, the fact that it is not a multidisciplinary solution is the major setback Acumen EMR faces and that’s where Healthland Centriq excels. Conclusively, we can’t pick the one EHR in the Healthland Centriq vs Acumen EHR as both are perfect in what they do and are incomparable.

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