Here are 7 signs that it is time to hire an SEO agency

SEO can be overwhelming especially when you are not from the same background. It can certainly be learned but when your core service offerings are not the same, the learning curve gets a bit daunting.

However, it’s all good only until it starts impacting your business. These few signs will tell you when it’s finally time to hire an expert for your website SEO!

  1. You Cannot Spot Your Website in Search Results

While surfing the web, it is common to search for keywords related to your business which results in keyword crossover where organically, your search should display your website somewhere on the first page, right?

Did you know that according to, more than 1.8 million pages are added to the web every 24 hours? In fact, the website even went on to state that 90.63% of all these pages get zero traffic from Google, and 5.29% of them get ten visits per month or less.

Hence, if you’re not able to spot your website, even via long-tail web searches, then it is highly probable that your website isn’t gaining enough traffic. To fix it, you need to troubleshoot your SEO tactics and there are many good companies working on the latest SEO tactics and SEO services long island is one of them that focus more on quality instead of quantity of Backlinks.

  1. You’re Using Just One Judgement for Your Website – And That Is Yours!

Not being able to spot your website is a good indication that it’s not doing well. However, you may not be able to judge from a technical point of view what exactly is going wrong and what needs to be improved. You need an expert for this job, that’s where a professional SEO service comes into the picture.

For example, if you are sick, you may be able to examine some symptoms and realize you’re unwell, but what exactly is the issue, and the remedies that can be used will be best identified by a doctor.

Similarly, the agency will use tools like google analytics and come up with results that will help it decide which parts of your website are doing good and which ones need improvement.

  1. Your User Funnel is A Desolate Desert

Do you often find people leave your website as quickly as they visit it? 90% of your audience doesn’t even reach the landing page or go till the end of the user funnel.

local digital marketing agency can help with this. They are not only useful in driving the audience to your our website, but also improve your landing page so that they take the required action
  1. You Have Been Penalised By Search Engines

Season 2 of Love Death and Robots on Netflix showcases the ill effects of living in the age of machines and how they don’t possess emotional intelligence. Whether done purposely or without intent, Google’s crawlers will penalize your website if they find anything fishy. Most of the time, Google keeps coming up with updates and if you’re not fast enough with the changes, you may find red flags popping up.

A credible agency providing SEO services Melbourne will not only ensure that this doesn’t happen but also make sure that you make the best use of the new updates and capitalize on them. Remember, SEO is not a fixed landscape – you need to be nimble and keep up to date with changes.

  1. Tech Isn’t Your Strong Vein

You may be a very creative person, able to come up with brilliant ideas and even open your own start-up. You may have never felt the need to learn the technical side of things and think content marketing is your strong field.

However, in order to run a company, one needs to have knowledge of the technical aspects too. You need to make sure your content impresses not only your readers or users but also the Google crawlers. That involves including high-quality images and alt text on them, using backlinks, increasing your quality score.

If I lost you in the last part, you probably need an SEO consultant more than ever as they can take care of these aspects while you happily focus on the creative side of the website.

  1. You are concerned about Protecting Your Brand

It is not uncommon to find hostile strategies in digital marketing. While battling for the same sets of keywords is a common occurrence, websites sometimes use your name as keywords in their websites and if you’re attached to bad press amongst all this, then it’s game over for you and your firm. If a firm is doing this, you need to fight back immediately.

An SEO consultant will not only help you with that but also help build your public image by pairing up with PR strategists. For example, if you hire an SEO agency San Francisco, hey will create the PR strategies, technical SEO issues, on-site and off-site SEO issues and all other things.

  1. Advertising Is Drilling A Hole In Your Pocket

If you’re an upcoming business, advertising may drill a hole in your pocket and eat away your profits. Although advertising gets you traffic, if it’s not showing results, then it’s time you reevaluate your investment and seek an SEO agency to solve your problem without draining you financially.

So, now that you know the 7 sure-shot signs you need to hire an SEO agency, it’s time to take action! Go do your research and place your bets on the one with the best results!

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