Here's How You Can Give Back To The Community Via Teambuilding Activities

With Great Organization Comes Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Let’s change how your organization simply changes the way you celebrate your lives. By engaging in CSR activities, your employees can invest a little time and energy in charitable work. It helps to create a stronger connection between your elite staff, employees, managers, and other team members while giving back to the community.

As the company’s HR, you can consider organizing the following philanthropic team building activities for a cause. 

Build Furniture as a Team

Why not turn your team to be the furniture instructors and the caretakers for a day?

Creating a furniture piece requires persistent efforts, skills, and teamwork. It can be a perfect way to get your team to build something great together. You can donate the furniture pieces created to Schools where furniture isn’t present (Yes, such Schools exist!)

Renovate the Local Libraries 

Let your team showcase their talent in the local public buildings. Divide your employees into a team of 10 to 15 and let them paint or create some other creative art pieces that would decorate the walls of the nearby local buildings. 

Showcase the brightly colored beautiful work on the walls of the local library and other spots. This would be encouraging for your team and let them contribute. To make the activity fun, you can restrict them using colors or the medium to paint. 

Let your CSR be a fun-filled day in the lives of your employees!

Go Wild, Rescue Animals 

Animal rescue could be fun. Don’t turn your employees into vets to take care of the animals. Instead, let them come together and gather funds to provide animals a better life. 

Why not build animal shelters, adopt a pet, or run campaigns for the same. Let your team roll up their sleeves and come up with this lesson on sustainable coexistence where they take care of their fellow beings. 

A fun activity to shake off the everyday stress and enhance productivity with a little relaxation and lots of fun. 

Show Compassion for Local Shelter Homes 

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”

Extend your support and love to the homeless locals. Why not once in a while visit the local shelter homes and interact with people there?

Contribute to their upkeep and make them feel valued. Engage with them in various activities or organize a small show for them. 

Be a part of their lives for a day and celebrate their lives the way they want. Sing, play, dance, celebrate with them as they feel your compassion. 

Let your employees associate with various shelter homes and contribute to maintain and provide a healthier lifestyle and better opportunities. 

Engage with Children’s Hospital 

Build products that would let the children see magic in everyday things. 

This way, you & the team members can relive your childhood by making little contributions to the children. You can take some cupcakes to the hospital, or what about letting your team celebrate the birthday on the premises. 

Why not use your creativity to make the place a little better than simply being the hospital?

So, just buckle up and see if you can create the magic the place wants. 

Extend Support to Disable Veterans 

Conduct activities where your team can extend help to differently-abled people. Make it easier for your staff to get along with people who need various things for their survival. 

It could be that you arrange or create a few things that make them realize that they aren’t alone and will stand by them in case of any emergency. 

Final Word

With the team-building activities stated above, you get a chance to contribute to society in more ways than just your profession. Get involved and grow better. Let your employees understand the significance and be a part of the fun activity you may be thinking of!

Good luck!

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