Software development is on the rise, with every innovative and forward-looking company seeking an omnichannel presence in the digital market. So does the cost of web development, with coder rates climbing too high in many developed countries. This trend makes app projects too costly for SMEs and large corporations, pressing companies to seek a remote development team for more affordable services.

Outsourcing has become popular across the globe because of its ability to cut development costs without quality compromises. With outsourced solutions, you access the global talent pool, thus reducing your reliance on an overpriced local labor force. Nevertheless, moving the software development work out of your location also comes with different costs and challenges: huge time difference, language barriers, and ineffective communication.

Many U.S. or Canadian companies opt for nearshore outsourcing with these potential hurdles in mind. One of the beneficial destinations is Argentine – a rapidly developing Latin American state with a strong focus on the IT sector. Here is a guide on hiring Argentinian developers for your next software project – quickly, effectively, and with zero risks.

Argentine: A Regional IT Hub

First, let’s consider Argentine as a potential market for IT outsourcing. Within the past couple of years, Argentine has witnessed a 50% increase in the number of software engineers and a 36% increase in tech services providers. Coursera named Argentine the #1 state globally in terms of software engineering skills. This award is reasonable, given the active workforce of over 134,000 people employed in the nation’s IT industry. Only Mexico and Brazil have larger numbers of qualified software developers.

Argentinian authorities invest in developing the IT sector by delivering top-tier tech education to interested specialists. The country is ranked third in Latin America for the quality of education in technical subjects.

These facts suggest a rapid growth of the Argentinian software development industry, with a strong focus on North American clients’ projects. The most popular programming languages here are:

  • Python
  • Java/JS
  • WordPress
  • Ruby/ Ruby on Rails
  • PHP

So, you can find a suitable developer or team of coders with ease, depending on your project requirements.

Reasons to Hire a Team of Coders in Argentine

Why do many North American businesses choose Argentine as their preferred outsourcing location? Here are a couple of benefits you’re likely to reap from such collaboration.

Cultural Fit

Latin America is a region with a distinct, vibrant culture distinguishing it from other locations. However, if you consider Latin America and Asia or Eastern Europe (other IT hubs), you’ll see that the former has many more similarities with the North American mindset. Culture is an underlying factor of any human interaction. Thus, working with developers sharing your cultural values and worldview is much more convenient and frictionless.

Time Zone Overlap

Needless to say, a time zone difference may ruin everything in a software development project. Some workers will need to come to work early or stay overnight to discuss important issues with the client. Though many outsourcing providers are ready for such a state of affairs, the reality check shows that such work is very challenging.

So, why stretch yourself and squeeze all work into a couple of overlapping hours if you can find an affordable developer within your time zone? Argentine is an ideal solution for North American companies in this regard.

Cost Savings

Though Argentine is physically close to North America, it is a much more affordable IT services market. Developer rates are lower across Latin America, allowing North American companies to enjoy the combined benefit of time overlap and affordability of the tech labor force.

English Proficiency

English has been the global language of communication for many decades, but English proficiency is still a major hurdle in cooperation with overseas tech firms. Most Argentinians speak and write in English fluently, providing North American customers with effective and frictionless communication.

How to Hire Qualified Developers Quickly?

Now that you know that hiring developers in Argentine is an affordable and convenient solution, it’s time to find the right talent for your project. Where can you find qualified experts without risks?

  • Outsourcing and staff augmentation firms

Working with an outsourcing/outstaffing provider is more convenient than direct hiring. You get a project manager and a dedicated team working on your project, paying a modest fee for the provider’s service.

  • Personal referrals

If you know somebody who worked with Argentinian providers before, ask them for referrals. It’s always reassuring to work with somebody with proven credentials and a solid reputation.

  • Online platforms

There are many Argentine-based platforms with resumes and developer profiles to hire a specialist you need. Pick a platform with the broadest resume database and fair commissions to start your headhunting.

  • Recruitment at professional events

You can attend professional conferences or forums to find the companies or individuals for work. It’s an excellent way to get acquainted with coders in person, finding the right fit for your job.

The Legal and Financial Side of the Issue

A bonus point on hiring Argentinian developers: how to organize everything legally and what to be ready for in financial terms? Be ready to pay $2,000-3,000 for a junior-level coder, $3,000-5,000 for a middle-level specialist, and $5,000+ for a senior-level expert.

As for legalities, you can go for one of several hiring options: a freelancing platform, a direct contract with a developer, a local subsidiary, or an outsourcing/outstaffing company. If you find a freelancer, you’re generally free from any taxation and need to deposit money to the platform to pay for the project work. However, keep the platform’s fees in mind; you’re likely to pay 10-30% more for the workload. The same goes for an outsourcing provider; this option is more convenient because of better control over the team and better communication, but the company also charges fees for its services.

Direct contracting is riskier, as the Web is full of scammers. Still, if you find a reliable provider via LinkedIn or another professional network, you can get a great committed professional to your project. Setting up a local company is also a workable solution, but it suits companies with large-scale projects, planning long-term presence in the Argentinian market.

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