Holidays on the beaches of the Black Sea- How to choose a holiday destination

In Russia, there are two regions leading to the Black Sea-Krasnodar Krai and Crimea. In Krasnodar Krai, the most famous resorts are Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Tuapse. In the Crimea region, the resort areas are Yalta, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Yevpatoria.

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Sand or pebbles

In the Black Sea region, the best beaches are around Anapa-in Vityazevo, Blagoveshchenskaya, Dzhemete, etc. in Krasnodar Krai Villages and towns and the West Bank of Crimea, while the central resort area of ​​Crimea is Yevpatoriya.

Sochi region (Adler, Khosta, Lazarevskoye), Yalta region (Alupka, Simeiz, Canada the resorts of Gaspra, Massandra, Gurzuf and Sevastopol (from the Baydar Valley to the city) are famous for their pebbles, The pebbles are bigger in some places and smaller in some places.

Alushta and Feodosia in Crimea are mixed beaches of sand and pebbles.

The best place to spend a holiday with friends in the Black Sea

Sochi. Please select the central area of ​​the resort. There are many restaurants, nightclubs and discos in the city. There is no problem visiting and sightseeing-from the impressive Olympic Park to Krasnaya Polyana, which is interesting in every season, each has its own characteristics. Do you like excitement? Then you must go to the “Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi” extreme park and the “Gorky Gorod” bicycle park.

Anapa. There are many surf camps and tent camps around the villages and towns of Vegazevo, Blagoveshchenskskaya, and Bugazskaya Kosa. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to the “Gaikodzor” or “Lefkadiya” winery to taste red wine with everyone.

Gelendzhik is a city with three water parks (“Golden Bay”, “Dolphin” and “Hippo”), as well as a large “Safari-park” integrated breeding farm and an “Olimp” entertainment park. They are all on the mountain, picturesque. You can also visit the ancient Dolmen

In the Black Sea, what else can you do besides vacationing on the beach?

  • You can play windsurfing and kite surfing;
  • You can visit archaeological excavations and the czar’s palace;
  • Visit the former residences of painters and poets;

The best place to take children on vacation in the Black Sea

The town of Vegazevo is considered the best family vacation spot on the Anapa coast. The beach here is wide and sandy, with slopes that slowly extend into the sea. Equipped with infrastructure: water park, dolphinarium, amusement park.

The beaches of Yevpatoriya are similar to those of Vegazevo, but only on the west coast of Crimea. This is a town resort area with many attractions and residences, and the prices are also low.

In Tuapse, there is beautiful nature. In Olginka (more comfortable and more expensive) and Lermontovo (because the highway passes through here, it is cheaper), the most suitable Take a small child on vacation. The beach here is beautiful, comfortable, and gentle. In summer, all the necessary infrastructure for couples with children on holiday is in operation.

The best place to visit in the Black Sea

Yalta-is the favorite leisure place of the Russian royal family and nobles. Near the city are Livadia Palace and Vorontsov Palace, “Dyulber” Park and “Foros” Park, former residences of great Russian poets and painters. There are also various mountain trails, cable cars and some of Massandra’s vineyards.

Sevastopol is a Russian naval base and a heroic city with an impressive long history. In the city, you can visit the ruins of the ancient Greek city Chersonesus and many well-preserved military fortifications-Half Moon Fort, as well as the Museum of Military Glory. The submarine museum in the resort town of Balaklava is worth a visit.

Feodosia and its coast, each town there has its own genius. Painter Aivazovsky and writer Green worked in Feodosia; Voroshin fell in love with Koktebel. It is worth a trip to the vineyards of the Sun Valley, to see the castles in Sudak, and the picturesque Novyi Svit, the home of Russian champagne.

Crimea region and Novorossiysk. To the east of Anapa, you will find the amazing “Shugo” and “Gladkovskie-sopki” mud volcanoes, many curious, large and popular wineries. There are also the “Sauk-Dere” cave, the “Cherkesskiy-aul” national park and the “Heroes Mountain” military monument. From Novorossiysk, it is very close to the town of Abrau Durso.

The best place for outdoor activities in the Black Sea

In Anapa, there are many extreme recreational activities-windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding and even diving. There are theme camps and equipment rental points on the entire coast, especially at the beach mouth and estuary north of Vegazevo. According to the wind conditions, a kite surfing competition will be conducted. Even if you haven’t played it yourself, you can come and see it at any time: there are hundreds of flying sails and kites flying over the sea-the scene is magnificent.

Donuzlav Bay is an ideal place for kitesurfing in Crimea.

The Tarkhantut Cape on the northwest coast of Crimea is very popular with divers. There is even an underwater museum called “Leader’s Trail”, which displays the submerged Lenin, Busts of Marx, Engels and others.

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