What Are The Phases Of A Relationship?

Sexual energy has the power to create new life. But when we’re not using that force to make babies, we can tap into it and use it as a source of rejuvenation, creativity, wisdom, and passion, according to world-renowned sex coach Kim Anami.

She says we can all ask ourselves a simple question: When you’ve had a sexual encounter, are you left feeling energized, deeply pleasured, and transformed? If the answer is no, chances are, you’re doing it wrong. That’s not a judgment; it’s a fact. Sex has the potential to both deplete and revitalize us. It’s all about how open and connected we are during it.

The truth of the matter is that many people — particularly women — are under-f–ked, she says. The side effects of this are catastrophic. They include weight gain, fatigue, depression, and even hysterical mood swings. Kim Anami says anyone can and should experience the astounding benefits of harnessing your sexual and emotional energy.

Western Culture and Sexual Misinformation

Western science has a lot of misinformation surrounding sex, and that’s reflective of the culture at large. There are loads of myths — for example, that not all women can have G-spot orgasms or ejaculate — that simply aren’t true. “I guarantee that all women can experience a rainbow array of orgasms,” Kim Anami declares. “Yes, there’s a brave new world out there for us.”

While harnessing this life force is important for all people, Anami says it’s especially vital to women. “We’ve been more oppressed sexually over the last few millennia, thanks to culture and our underrepresentation in the scientific fields. So, by developing our sense of self-realization and gathering new tools, we can start to reclaim our inner sexuality.

“I say for women that it’s especially important because they’re more suppressed sexually, so it’s so important for them to tap into their sexual energy,” Kim Anami explains. “If we’re not creating babies with that, we can learn to tap into that energy and use it as a source of rejuvenation, creativity, wisdom, power, and passion in all parts of our lives and not just the bedroom.”

The vagina is home to numerous pleasure zones. You can literally map it out, but the whole area isn’t orgasmic and it’s not the be-all and end-all of orgasms. No, there are anal orgasms, nipple orgasms, and energy orgasms too. In fact, Anami estimates that there are between eight and 12 different types of orgasm you can experience, perhaps even more.

“I really want women to be encouraged to know that they’re all capable of having every single one of these orgasms. I don’t know why some people like to go out there and fight for the idea that women don’t have orgasms,” says Kim Anami. “I don’t really understand it, but let them do their thing. I want everyone who actually wants an orgasm to know. Come on over to me and I’ll show you how to do it.

“It’s time to change the narrative on female pleasure. The belief that you are somehow unable to have certain orgasms is limiting. Through my work with couples and single women, I want to open people up to the wide realms of orgasmic bliss available to them.”

The Rewards of Being a Well-F–ked Woman

The well-f–ked woman is in touch with her sexual energy. Starting on this journey toward awakening your sexual self offers countless rewards. It’s not about simply enhancing your satisfaction, but upgrading all aspects of your life.

“From a young age — in my teenage years — I became very interested in the whole idea of how people change and help people grow,” says Kim Anami. “In a more gourmet sex relationship, we’re trying to bring all parts of ourselves. We’re not compartmentalizing; we’re bringing the emotions, the mind, the spirit, the heart, and the body into the equation. We end up being much more satisfied as a result.”

So, what benefits can you expect? According to the expert herself, here are some of the rewards that people may reap when they start to connect sexually.

— Radiant Beauty and Energy

Sexual energy is difficult to disguise. When you are well-f–ked, you wear that vivacity wherever you go. You will become naturally radiant, which translates into a high level of beauty and attractiveness. It’s not uncommon for people to comment on this makeover. For instance, you may find that you receive more compliments from friends, loved ones, and even strangers. People around you will gravitate toward your magnetic presence.

The newfound confidence you feel is indescribable. Working with people, Anami has seen this shift happen before her eyes time and time again. It’s miraculous. When a person is in tune with their sexual energy, nothing can hold them back. These individuals are happier, healthier, and more open to the experiences they come up against each day.

— Connected Romantic Relationships

One of the greatest things you can explore is your romantic relationships. Choosing to take this journey with a partner you can trust to be supportive is essential. This person should be as interested in their personal growth as you are. You will need to have truly open and honest discussions about your experiences, desires, and their development.

When you do that, you can connect more deeply with both your inner self and your partner. It’s all about surrendering to the act of sex and the bonding opportunity it presents to you. “I believe that sexual experiences are the glue in romantic relationships,” says Anami. “You’re doing something with your partner that you don’t do with anybody else. It’s the defining factor. Without these intimate activities, you may as well be buddies or housemates.”

Opening up to one another allows you both to harness the effects of this sexual energy. That reverberates through every aspect of your relationship from how you speak with each other to the decisions you make together. It becomes something on which you can draw when times get hard and the source that enhances the love you have for one another.

— Better Work and More Money

Think sex has nothing to do with money? Think again. The second chakra is closely linked to sex, money, and creativity. If your sexual energy is stagnant, so is your financial flow. Anami recalls, “I worked with a couple who had been together for 30 years and struggled financially. They were both self-employed, meaning their income fluctuated. As we worked together to clear the blockages in their sex life, their work lives also improved.

“With each resolution, they saw new opportunities come knocking, whether it was a job offer or an unexpected cash influx. The relationship between their newfound radiance and careers couldn’t be denied. The remarkable thing is that this influence is available to everyone and anyone. You simply have to learn how to reach out and take it for yourself.”

— The After ‘Glow Up’

The benefits of opening yourself up to more connected sexual experiences are almost limitless. It’s not a secret — it’s something we should all know and use to our advantage. Ready to start a journey toward sexual freedom? Anami says her The Well-F–ked Woman eight-week salon is now live and pleasure seekers can sign up to learn how to experience deeper orgasms, clear sexual blocks, tap into their divine feminine energy, and channel their orgasmic experiences.

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