Single storey houses often get a bad rap, but they make wonderful homes and have a number of advantages over other property types. If you have a single storey home and you’d like to start thinking about ways in which you can make it even better, this is the article for you. We’re going to look at some home improvement ideas for single storey home owners. Let’s get stuck in! 

  1. Consider an extension 

One of the first and most obvious things that you can do with a single storey home is extend its square footage. If you have plenty of land to build on, you can reduce the size of your garden and add an extension to your home – whether it be a traditional conservatory / sun room, or an annexe. 

If you love your home and want to start a family, having the extra space can be a huge help! Just make sure that you don’t sacrifice too much of your garden space on an extension as homes with big gardens have much more value. After all, having an open, green space is essential for your health and well-being. 

  1. Glass links 

If you have an annexe or a different detached structure on your property and you’d like to connect it with your home, glass links are a great way of connecting both sections. This is an increasingly popular design idea for renovations as it provides a distinct junction between two sections of a house while allowing great pockets of natural light into your home. 

  1. Large picture windows 

If you have a beautiful garden and you’d like to bring more light and colour into your home, having a large picture window that looks out onto your garden is an amazing way to achieve this. Rather than having smaller windows that look out from your kitchen, you can take down the wall and have a large terrace transformation. 

  1. Expose the original fabric of your home


Single storey homes with exposed original fabrics have a truly unique and aesthetically wonderful charm. If this isn’t a viable move for you, there’s the option to salvage old materials and use the timber as decorative elements rather than relying on them structurally. 

  1. Consider ceiling glazing 

Single storey homes can feel a little cramped at times, which is why using as much of the space above you as possible can be highly beneficial. For example: installing skylights or opening the ceiling up even further with large glazing panels. 



There is much that you can do to improve a single storey home. One of the key things to remember is that it’s all about making each square footage count! Open plan layouts work wonderfully in these smaller homes, creating a more spacious feeling. 

For more inspiration, look at some single storey houses for sale in Bang Na and other areas of Bangkok, as they boast some truly stunning design features. 

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