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Air conditioning units are a massive investment, for they can cost so much. However, having the suitable unit — and a durable one at that — would get your money’s worth, especially if you are going to utilise it constantly. Not to mention that AC nowadays is essential to most households. The best way to make sure that your aircon last long is to know the necessary measures on how you can take care of it as a homeowner. Keep reading as we will be sharing with you some practical ways to maintain your aircon.

How can I maintain my aircon at home?

Here are the best practices that you should be doing to make sure that your aircon last long:

  • Purchase a suitable air conditioning unit for your home.

Of course, you have to have the appropriate unit that suits your space so that it will work accordingly. Before buying an aircon, make sure to talk to an expert first to see which ones are the best for homes and bedrooms, especially now that there are several types in the market.

  • Set your aircon at a default temperature.

One practical way to not overwork your aircon and for it to stay in good condition is to set it on a fixed range of temperature. Find your comfort level. Generally, the recommended settings for most units is 74 to 76 degrees. Of course, it will all just depend on your area’s weather and your preference.

  • Give your AC a rest once in a while.

Although air conditioners are set to operate for long periods, it is still essential to turn them off at some point for breaks. Every piece of appliance that is overused can be expected to last shorter than what it is supposed to be — the same goes with AC.

  • Do not forget to clean your air filters regularly.

Air filters are what prevent dust and other particles from entering your AC system. After a long time, the filtered dirt would build up and affect the quality of airflow your unit will produce. It is your responsibility to clean it out every two weeks.

  • Make sure the room is sealed correctly.

Every time you have your aircon turned on, make sure that all windows and doors are closed and sealed. Having huge gaps where the air can flow through can prevent the room from cooling and stress your system.

  • Have your AC cleaning twice a year.

The rule of thumb is to have your air conditioner cleaned once or twice every year. This way, any dirt inside would be properly cleaned out before it cause any problems. Hire a professional aircon cleaning service.

  • Always be observant of any changes in performance.

If your think your AC is acting odd, have it checked immediately before the issue worsens.

  • Hire professionals to inspect your AC yearly.

A regular Air Conditioning Repair Denver CO inspection would help find any hidden problems with your unit and repair it immediately before it gets worse. Professional inspectors could tell you what services your AC needs to have it running efficiently — aircon gas top up, for example.

Every homeowner should know every tip we just mentioned. Not only would it help them save money and lengthen the life of their AC, but it can also bring peace of mind.

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