Change Management: Takeoff Your Company To Success

Hospitality and tourism are a collective humongous industry that combines tourism and other hospitality-dependent businesses. Tourism and hospitality are technically not the same even though both are heavily reliant on a strong customer service front in order to gain customers that are imperative for generating revenue in this sector. Both industries need to provide relentless enjoyable, comfortable, and welcoming experiences to guests in order to survive as this field, like most industries, has no dearth of competition, and almost every day there is a new venture that’s adding something new to the table. All hospitality businesses, even the ones outside the tourism sector, emphasize the importance of a solid, strong, and positive customer service and relationship.

Let us take a look at the list of hospitality and tourism management careers that graduates and interested candidates can explore.

Hospitality and Tourism Career Choice

There are various roles at your disposal after certification or complete degree education in tourism and hospitality. Keep reading to know some of the most sought-after careers in hospitality and tourism.


If you are someone who’s thrilled at the prospect of executing an event from start to finish, the initial stages of planning to the day of the event – then this career option is something you’d enjoy and succeed in. It’s a high-demanding career requiring tremendous energy to work at hotels, conference centers, resorts, etc. You will be responsible for setting up the stage or space for diverse events – from crowdfunding NGO events to corporate parties or private receptions. It’s a career that’s very challenging but with not a single dull day.


People working in the food and beverage sector are responsible for all the things that are related to food and beverage starting from the ordering of the products to hiring staff as well as maintaining balance sheets. Candidates need to have exceptional social skills and analytical abilities to exceed in this career. The ideal candidate should be able to work under pressure, be service-oriented, and be highly organized.


The front office or receptionists are the ones who are directly responsible for receiving guests warmly- while check-ins, check-outs, or managing requests of guests. They are also the face of the company as they represent the entire management. These professionals are expected to have the best of social skills like friendliness, enjoy conversations, and be service-oriented. 


Resort management involves managing the operations of all the departments – from the front desk to housekeeping, food & beverage, and even security. To be successful in this role, the ideal candidate must have excellent organization and management skills besides having excellent manners and warm nature to accommodate people. The person must understand the business while delivering great service to the guests coming to resorts.

Besides these options, there are multiple career choices to pick from, once you have the required skills and training. Graduates can even start something of their own with the earned knowledge.

The greater amount of time you spend in this industry, the better your chances for growth and success. 

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