How Advanced Pneumatic Tube Systems Are Being Used in Banks.

People have benefited greatly from the technological advances that gave way to the Information Age, specifically the internet. While the internet has innumerable services that people use on a daily basis, nothing has become more crucial than the ability to send information from one person to the next, no matter where they are in the world, in mere seconds.

However, even with all the advancements in technology, transporting physical goods over distance has not received as much focus. Nowadays, the traditional way to send physical goods from one place in a building to the next is to have someone carry them themselves.

However, there is a system that modern industries use to transport physical objects – a system that was first developed way back in 1799: pneumatic tube system carriers. The pneumatic tube system is a system for transporting physical goods over geographic distances using a network of tubes and air (i.e., either forced air or vacuum).

How Advanced Pneumatic Tube Systems Are Being Used in Banks

Despite its age, modern industries such as banks still make use of pneumatic tube systems because although they are old, they still provide enough benefits to utilize them today. Here are some ways banks utilize pneumatic tube systems.

Direct Delivery

A big advantage using pneumatic tube systems is that transporting goods become delegated to the system instead of people. This frees up employees to continue and do productive work while the pneumatic tube system does all the transporting. Not only does this save the bank time but it also saves them money as they would be paying the employees for work that would be considered more beneficial for the bank.

Pneumatic tube systems offer many advantages to banks but one that stands out is direct delivery. With pneumatic tube systems, cash can be delivered directly across different areas in the bank, namely between the cashiers and the safe. Pneumatic tube systems offer secure and efficient means of transport of cash.

Safer and more efficient, advanced pneumatic tube systems can even monitor and document all transactions, giving the bank an additional database for cash transfers.

Advanced pneumatic tube systems also provide provision for change which is an essential factor for cashiers at banks. Working with various denominations of money, providing a direct delivery for change will keep cashiers stocked with the necessary values that they need for working with customers.

Reduced Public Exposure for Cash

With the understandable value of money, banks always run the risk of having so much cash present in the front end of the bank. To minimize risk, banks often control the amount of money available in the cashiers by periodically bringing money to the safe. However, transporting money within the bank always exposes money to the general public. Thus, using a pneumatic tube system offers a secure and inconspicuous way to transport money  from one place to another.

This also works the other way around when front end cashiers need more cash. Advanced pneumatic tube systems can connect front end cashiers with a main cash register that can safely bring them large quantities of money to hand over to clients. Reducing the exposure of cash in the open will always be a way to minimize risk as the safest places for cash in a bank are behind locked safes and cash registers.

Although discreetly installed pneumatic tube systems do indeed offer security, visibly showing the public that the bank utilizes a pneumatic tube system can also act as a deterrent by itself as it allows potential thieves and robbers know that money in cashiers are highly controlled.

Customer Interaction Security

Since pneumatic tube systems can free up employees to focus on their work, this allows them to focus on their work instead of having to do menial tasks that pneumatic tube systems can do. Due to the help in the workload, pneumatic tube systems essentially increase productivity and efficiency which in turn improves customer satisfaction as wait times are reduced.

Specialized System

Despite the age of pneumatic tube systems, industries other than banks also use them. However, companies that provide pneumatic tube system solutions to banks create specialized systems that are specifically beneficial to the environment of banks.

Advanced pneumatic tube systems that are specifically catered for banks first and foremost have security in mind. Understandably, security is the number one feature that banks look for in pneumatic tube systems.

Aside from the reliability of the system, pneumatic tube systems add redundant monitoring of transactions that go through them. Furthermore, companies that create pneumatic tube systems for banks specifically create them with minimal noise. Understanding that a bank is a place of business, a quiet system is necessary in order to stay discreet.


Although pneumatic tube systems are more than 200 years old, they still provide numerous benefits that modern industries like banks can utilize to great effect. In banks, pneumatic tube systems free up employees to focus on productive work instead of having to take time out of their days to transport money from place to place.

Advanced pneumatic tube systems also provide secure and efficient ways to move cash around to improve the efficiency of the bank and therefore improve customer satisfaction. Overall, pneumatic tube systems are highly ingenious systems that have stood the test of time and can greatly benefit from further advancements.

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