How an emblem can increase product awareness

A logo is a certain image that helps people to have certain associations with a particular brand. For example, detailed information on almost every existing logo can be found at logolook. They have incorporated all the famous logos, collecting their history of appearance and development, starting from the moment of the founding of a particular brand name.

The history of the NFL brand: stages of formation from 1920 to the present

A prime example is the NFL logo known to American football fans. This abbreviation is short for the National Football League. Founded in 1920. The league currently has more than 30 teams from various US states, divided into 8 divisions.

The National Football League is the most famous of the American sports organizations. The design of the logo has changed several times since 1920, but the same coat of arms was laid at the base. To date, the coat of arms of the NFL has practically not changed, the original color palette and stylistics of the elements have been preserved. The site provides detailed information not only on the history of one of the most famous logos for American football fans, but also interesting facts about this exciting game.

The original version of the early 1920 logo has been lost. Officially, the history of the brand’s development began in the early 40s of the last century.

  1. 1940-1953 Wide coat of arms, bordered by sharp oblong curved lines in the lower and upper parts. The upper part is a set of white five-pointed stars on a blue background. The main ornament is covered with a soccer ball. The lower part is red and white stripes with the abbreviation NFL. The club’s symbols in the development process took the US state flag as a basis, which is noticeable by the bold combination of color and ornament.
  2. 1953-1958 The color palette becomes darker and more saturated. The outlines are removed, and the size of the NFL abbreviation is increased.
  3. 1959-1961 The logo becomes softer and softer. The color of the ball changes, the wide red lines are removed, making it more refined. The main inscription is thinner.
  4. 1962-1983 The lower part of the emblem completely loses the red stripes. The abbreviation now flaunts on a pure white background. The upper remains intact, except for the color of the lacing of the ball, which has gone from brown to pure white.
  5. 1983-2008 Changes affected the color palette. The primary colors have become lighter and calmer. The contours are clearer and bolder.
  6. 2008 – present. The number of five-pointed stars is decreasing. The rugby ball takes center stage as it grows in size. The style of the inscription has been changed – the lines become straight and sharp, replacing the streamlined ornament familiar to everyone.

The NFL logo owes its color palette to its homeland – the USA. It is a kind of tribute to the league’s homeland. The colors of the national flag symbolize purity, valor and fairness, which is directly reflected in the football league logo.

Starting from 2015, in addition to the standard red-blue-white symbols, fans of the game can see the new logo, executed in a golden color palette. The emphasis is also on white and black. Additional items appear. The appearance of golden symbols was a consequence of the fact that the club played the anniversary Super Cup. The color of the new coat of arms was able to reflect the accuracy, power and professionalism of the players.

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