How Can I Choose The Perfect Men’s Belt? Find Out Here!

A belt is more than an accessory that holds up your pants. It is a fashion statement and one of the subtle ways a man shows his sense of style.

It’s common for men to have more than one belt for different occasions. A tasteful black or brown dress belt for suits and smart casual outfits. A leather belt with an ornate buckle that complements denim jeans or a casual canvas belt for exercise, casual dress, or the great outdoors.

A good quality belt not only looks good, but it lasts long too. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t put a lot of thought behind their choice of belts. As such, we’ve created this detailed guide to help you choose the perfect one.

The Type of Belt

Men’s belts come in two different types; dress belts and casual belts. Dress belts go best with suits and formal attire and are made of leather, with a simple design. They come in shades of black and brown but are available in other shades as well.

Casual belts are more suited to casual attire and are often made from leather, canvas, suede, or woven threads of cotton in various colors. Visit site to see more different types of belts.

Choose the Color Wisely

As a general rule, men’s belts should match the color of the shoes as much as possible. For example, if you wear black dress shoes, you should also wear a black dress belt. If you wear brown dress shoes, you should wear a brown dress belt.

Casual belts get a bit more leeway in terms of color, but you should still try to match or complement the style of your shoes as much as possible.

The Size of Belt

Size may seem obvious, but many people don’t usually take it into account. It’s easy to measure at a clothing store, but many get it wrong when buying belts online.

If in doubt, measure your waist with a tape measure and allow for at least 1-2 extra inches in size. It’s easier to tighten a belt that’s a little bigger than wearing a belt two sizes too small.

Your Daily Lifestyle

As much as a men’s belt is a fashion statement, it is also a practical part of the entire outfit. It must suit his lifestyle. If you spend most of your time exercising or getting your hands dirty, you may not need more than a couple of dress belts. If you wear suits five times a week, you won’t need many casual belts either.

It’s all about what works best for you.

Don’t Go for Cheap

Cheap belts never last very long and will likely cause you embarrassment at some point, especially with dress belts. When buying a belt, make sure it is full-grain leather as this is the best quality material. Cheap belts tend to use poor quality, brittle leather that cracks and peels away after a few months.

All in all, consider the tips highlighted above to make the best decision for you.

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