Stylish Android phones 2021: which is for you?

Android has evolved into a very user friendly OS that rivals Apple’s OS quite convincingly. 

While the jury is still out every single year when it comes to showcasing what OS is better with many arguing that mobile app design is better on various other OS options, this is a subjective angle that needs to be considered with a grain of salt. 

The biggest issue here then is one of aesthetics as Samsung and its cousins (Oppo and Vivo etc.) can clearly display its mobile devices at such a high level without compromising in any way on their features or software quality. 

Here are some images which showcase how good Android phones look while providing minimalistic and simplistic looks with few unnecessary components.

Android 12 is Google’s latest OS and comes packed with a whole host of features that redefines the term: Cool.

5 Neat Features

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to look at just 5 improvements that Android 12 brings to your Android phone.

  • Better auto-rotate

Autorotation on your smartphone is made possible with the phone’s accelerometer. This sensor allows you to adjust the orientation of your handset by a relatively small amount, but requires more space inside your pocket. Autorotation with Android 12 is now based on face detection, and is sure to be far more effective in the real world.

  • Wi-Fi sharing made easier

Wi-Fi sharing on your Android was initially made possible using a QR code. With the latest update, this functionality has been extended to supporting more data transfers over Wi-Fi as well. But this is not all; there is a small button, which is referred to as Nearby Share, that is housed underneath the QR code that helps you transfer your Wi-Fi credentials to a friend’s phone.

  • One-handed mode

For many, one-handed mode seemed a serious advantage. This was because as phones became bigger and wider in terms of screen real estate, convenience became an issue. A user with just one hand could easily use the device to scroll through tabs and websites, or browse books in an annotated textbook without losing their place while typing something more accurately. Android 12 has made one-handed mode a native affair. And, it can be accessed easily via Gestures in Settings.

  • Audio selection

Quick settings on any phone offers convenience. You can switch between apps, lock down your screen and turn off background functions without needing to reach for an app manager or anything. How cool would it be to switch from one audio source to another with just one tap.

  • Rich content insertion 

This sweet feature is one which will be ultra-useful for developers who are in the domain of mobile app development. What this feature essentially does is that it helps you copy and paste media from one app to another. The inconvenience of using a middleman is finally going to be done away with.


We are waxing lyrical about Android 12 here, but in actual fact, the Android OS was set to improve thanks to the evolving requirements of its audience. The future is embracing new and effective technologies that are truly exceptional, and this is why there is a demand for augmented reality app developers today. Whatever OS you use, each manufacturer needs to embrace futuristic technologies like augmented reality, and provide an exceptional user experience. 

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