I got promoted to regional manager!

I started at this company as an ordinary employee, but my ambitions were high from the get-go. I always went above and beyond, and after a few years, my superiors took notice of my work ethic and promoted me to manager. My performance remained excellent, and just a few days ago, my efforts paid off again—I was promoted to regional manager!

This is a life-changing opportunity for me. The new position comes with a lot of pressure and new responsibilities, but I know that I’ll be able to handle it all. It’s time to show this company what I’m truly made of; I’m pulling no punches!

But first, a little celebration is in order.

Treating coworkers to a free cup of coffee

Over the years, I’ve grown close with my coworkers. To stay in their good graces, I’m going to treat them to a free cup of coffee or tea every morning—a little something to show them I care!

My coworkers are incredibly kind, dedicated people, and they deserve special treatment, so on top of their free morning beverages, I’m buying an espresso machine for the office kitchen!

Workplace party on Friday

Before beginning my role as regional manager next week, I want to host a party. So, for this coming Friday, I ordered a delicious ice cream cake. During the gathering, I plan to announce that, going forward, every Friday will be a Casual Friday. My employees will be so excited to leave their stiff office clothes at home and come into the office wearing relaxing attire!

If there’s anything I’ve learned managing this company, it’s that it’s important to give back. Every employee is of equal value to me; I understand what it’s like to work all the way up from the bottom. There is also nothing quite as good for a company’s productivity as ensuring that every worker stays happy and motivated!

Getting a facelift for a fresh start

If I want to lead this branch effectively, I’ll need to exude as much confidence as possible. One of the ways I’m going to do this is by getting a facelift. A male facelift will help me look younger and more refined and will also make me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

As regional manager, I will have to interact with so many new faces every day, and with just a quick nip and tuck, it will be so much easier to impress everyone I meet!

Having some friends over to watch football

I’ve invited my closest buddies to watch sports and enjoy a few beers this weekend. Of course, I won’t drink too much—I need to be as clearheaded as possible when I go into work on Monday!

I’ve also bought a few bags of chips, some scrumptious cheese dips, and three jars of spicy salsa. Classic football food definitely isn’t the healthiest, but it is yummy and convenient, and as long as it helps you have fun with the people you care about, then it’s okay to pig out on!

A calming game of golf with my boss

Of course, I want to properly thank the man who offered me this incredible promotion, so I’m going to invite him to a game of golf with a few other higher-ups. We’ll be able to chat, enjoy the green, and bask in the beautiful weather. Maybe we can even discuss a few company issues—studies show that we are more productive in a relaxing atmosphere!

Everything is going better than I ever thought it would, and I couldn’t be more excited to make this company shine bright!

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