How is Netflix replacing Cable Television?

Netflix is an American media service that has taken over the entertainment industry by storm. It offers subscription-based videos on demand, has a huge library of movies, series, and TV- shows from different industries over the world. By July 2021, Netflix has managed to bag 209 million subscribers from every corner of the world.

On the other hand, Cable television is the traditional TV entertainment using a cable serving that provides us a range of channels. Over the years Netflix has gained popularity and is gradually replacing local Cable TV services. Nowadays, everybody looks for a TV plan that offers TV services bundled with the internet.

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Cable TV providers like Spectrum are trying their best to keep up with the competition but the number of cord-cutters is rapidly increasing across the US. Let’s look into the details of how Netflix is replacing Cable TV and what attracts people to switch to OTT platforms for entertainment.

How is Netflix replacing Cable Television?

Netflix gained its popularity among people due to many reasons. Here we are listing down the major reasons which moved masses to switch to Netflix from Cable television:

Commercial free

Commercials are informational and all but nobody enjoys them if they are imposed on you every ten to fifteen minutes and not even skippable. The biggest reason Netflix became our go-to streaming service is that it is completely Ad-free. It gives you a smooth watching experience where you can continue watching for hours and hours without getting disturbed by commercials.

Ultra HD content

Netflix guarantees you ultra-high definition quality of content as long as you have a good internet connection. They do not compromise on the video quality which makes them stand out from their competitors. Having a crisp HD display enhances your watching experience and you do not have to worry about your cable service cut-offs too.

Multiple Screen option

Netflix is a flexible service as it provides multiple screen options so your friends and family members can benefit from one subscription (premium plan). Four people can simultaneously view content at the same time using different windows or screens. It also gives you the option to put passwords on your respective window to secure your viewing privacy.

Original Series

Netflix originals are the highlights of the service. A Netflix Original is content produced and streamed exclusively on Netflix services. Many people get their subscriptions just to have access to the original content Netflix is creating. It gains a lot of hype, often comes with multiple seasons and the perfect blend of suspense, comedy, action, and pure entertainment to keep you hooked.

Binge Watching

On your cable television, you had to wait for the next episode to get on the air. Sometimes, this wait lasted days or sometimes a whole week. Netflix fixed this problem by giving you an entire season at a time so you can binge-watch as many episodes you want to and don’t have to wait for days or even minutes to know what’s going to happen next in your favorite show.

Netflix also provides you recommendations based on your previous watching history so you can watch more stuff related to your current favorite genre. 

So many people switch to Netflix from cable TV to have uninterrupted entertainment and not have to wait for many days for the next episodes. Binge-watching is something that is simply not possible or suitable with cable TV.

Thousands of options to choose from

Netflix is a great option when it comes to having a vast library. From old classics to new seasons, Netflix provides a wide range of selections. The Netflix library includes movies from every genre. Whether you want to watch sitcoms or action, sci-fi, or criminal documentaries, Netflix has everything for everyone.

When it comes to cable TV it offers a limited range of channels and only a few cable TV service providers offer to play on-demand content otherwise you have to compromise watching whatever your cable TV plays.

Device compatibility

Netflix has versatile streaming options when it comes to the compatibility of the devices. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you can install the Netflix app on any device of your choice. You don’t need to stick to a TV 24/7 to watch movies or shows, with the app installed you can watch Netflix anytime on the go.

In addition to this, it gives you the option to resume, fast forward, playback, and resume watching from the same point where you left. You can also skip intros, and recaps making Netflix the best service to provide ease of watching to its viewers. Whether you are watching on your TV or your phone, you are going to have the best watching experience.

Will Netflix keep growing?

With the pandemic and the whole world locked down, the statistic shows that Netflix has enjoyed a huge number of new subscribers. Over 8 million new people subscribed to Netflix during the past year looking for entertainment. 

Previously, the growth in subscriber count was going a bit slower but the number of subscribers Netflix gained due to pandemic clearly shows that Netflix is not coming down any time soon. It is going to grow and have a bright future.

In Conclusion

With the latest trends in technology, people want things to be at their ease, even if it’s entertainment, they want it to come with ease and flexibility. Netflix provided that ease and variety of options to choose from which cable TV lacked. There still are a lot of people who would still love their cable TV service but statistics show that Netflix has taken over it and slowly replacing Cable TV trends.

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