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What is sports nutrition?

Every person has definitely heard about sports nutrition, but does not know about the features of its production. This term refers to concentrated mixtures that contain a set of substances necessary for the human body. Usually such supplements are taken by professional athletes or people involved in sports to achieve the desired shape.

However, over time, sports nutrition has become the norm for those who want to improve strength, endurance, lose weight or fill the body with vitamins. For ordinary people, sports nutrition may seem like some kind of “chemistry”. But in fact, it is an additional source of proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are very difficult to get in sufficient quantities with the food we consume.

Where is sports nutrition produced?

For a long time, sports supplement manufacturers have been based in the US market. Therefore, athletes had to wait a long time for delivery. Now European manufacturers have begun to spread around the world and making a purchase has become easier and faster. Some companies in Europe produce unique sports nutrition, which has no analogues on the American market.

There are companies specializing in a particular type of sports nutrition. So, for example, some manufacturers offer supplements for beginner athletes, athletes who are engaged in running, fitness, cycling. Other vitamin manufacturers offer sports supplements for professional bodybuilders: tribulus, carnitine or joint products. One way or another, they try to offer customers products at an affordable price. This is beneficial for athletes, because with such a variety, you can individually choose sports nutrition.

Types of sports nutrition

Depending on the functions performed in the body, sports nutrition is divided into:

  • Proteins consist of pure protein, necessary for the body to build tissues, muscles, and improve skin elasticity. The origin of the protein can be soy, egg, milk, whey and casein.
  • Gainers are a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins in a ratio of approximately 3:1. A high-calorie supplement that provides muscle nutrition during training, as well as a quick set of muscle mass for ectomorphs.
  • Creatine is a nitrogen-containing acid, necessary during periods of high physical exertion. The action of creatine is aimed at increasing the endurance of the body.
  • BCAA is an essential amino acid that stimulates metabolic processes and is used as a fat burning supplement.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex contains a certain set of diverse vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal functioning of the body during intense training.
  • Products for joints and ligaments are substances that help restore and strengthen ligaments and joints after training. These include zinc, collagen, glucosamine-chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

How is production carried out?

In order for the body to be saturated with useful substances, the composition of sports nutrition is carefully developed based on research. Sports supplement manufacturers are aware of the seriousness of the process, therefore, strictly monitor sanitary standards in production. Before entering the workshop, employees clean their hands with antibacterial agents and put on special clothes in the first dressing room. In the next room, they put on respirators, shoe covers and dust proof overalls. This process allows to achieve maximum purity in production.

Technologists develop recipes, select ingredients, and carefully control all processes using electronic equipment.

Sports nutrition is now used not only by athletes, but also by those who want to improve the condition of the body by saturating it with useful substances. Protein, carnitine, amino acids, gainer – these words are taken more seriously today, given their nature of action. Whereas vitamin manufacturers used to be based in one region, supplements are now available worldwide, allowing anyone to get into the shape they want.

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