How long do Cannabis Seeds take to Germinate

If you are particular about every detail when it comes to growing marijuana, you might ask how long do cannabis seeds take to germinate? Well, there are many variables to consider here but more or less we may be able to give you an overview of this

Usually, it would take around 24 to 48 hours for a marijuana seed to germinate. Once they get in contact with moisture and are in a warm and dark place, they will think that they are underground and will sprout. This is why you can germinate your plants in a cupboard or a propagator before actually even planting them. If a cannabis seed is in an ideal place for germination, its seed will crack and the taproot will emerge.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds | 2 Easy Seed Germination Methods

There are two (2) popular and practical ways to germinate cannabis seeds and both are very easy to do. The first method is what most growers use to ensure they are on track on counting the days of growth of the plant. Plus, this turns out to be more effective as well. This is called the wet paper towel method and we will explain further below.

The second method is by germinating your marijuana seeds directly in the soil. This is the oldest method and still a reliable way to sprout your little seedlings.

Remember, Cannabis requires three (3) important things to be successful in germinating and that would be water, heat and air.

There are a lot more other unconventional methods out there that you could easily learn on the internet but here we will stick on the two (2) that are mostly used by growers these days.

Method 1: Wet Paper Towel Method | Step by Step Guide to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

  1. Take four (4) paper towels and give them a soak in distilled water. Pull it out and drain excess water.
  2. Place twe (2) of the wet paper towels onto a plastic plate, then arrange the seeds about 1 inch apart. Then cover them with the remaining 2 wet paper towels.
  3. Take another plastic plate and cover them to recreate a dark environment.
  4. Make sure to keep this in a warm place around 70 to 90 degrees F. A good place to place this is a cupboard or an empty drawer.
  5. The Waiting time – Make sure to check once a day and see if there is some progress on your seeds and also the paper towels must remain moist and should not totally dry out.

Once the single sprout shows, you know that your seed has germinated. This sprout that you will be observing is referred to as the taproot, which will then grow into the stem. Always remember to keep your hands and tools sterile at all times to avoid issues. Try not to touch your hands as much as possible when transplanting into the growing medium.

Method 2: Germinating Cannabis Seeds directly in Soil

This method is very primal and does not need any further explanation. It is planting a seed in the soil, how hard can it be? This is basically how this is done for thousands if not millions of years by farmers and this is also how any seed-bearing plants naturally reproduce. With seeds being directly planted into soil. Instead of providing steps into this, we will provide you with some tips and things to remember to successfully germinate directly in the soil.

  • Make sure to use the right type of soil or growing medium
  • If fertilizing your soil before planting, make sure that you use mild nutrients at the start – Do not add nutrients if you are using a soilless mixture or a soil mix that has pre-added nutrients in it.
  • Use a small pot to start your seed
  • Make sure your container has enough water drainage
  • Water your soil and let it drain through before planting your seed
  • Plant your seed shallow enough at no more than 1 inch deep
  • Cover your seed lightly with the soil and don’t pack too much. This will allow aerating your cannabis seed.
  • Water lightly and make sure not to allow the growing medium to go dry
  • Position in a warm area, preferably a dim area that is not getting any direct sunlight the whole day. An area getting a bit of the early morning sun and becomes shaded for the rest of the day will be the perfect spot to position your pot while germinating.

If you follow these tips and step by step guide. You will likely to increase your probability of successfully germinating your cannabis seeds. It is a super simple procedure to do and should be taken with too many complications. Keep it simple. Just make sure all other things are ready as once your cannabis seed germinates and sprouts you will need to introduce it to its next home immediately. Happy Growing!.

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