If you are not aware of this word, thatch is a synonym for natural plant materials just like straws. So similar to how native people used to live in the forests, we are also using it in interior designing. Of course, not in homes but you will see them in restaurants and picnic areas and such places. Just because we have started living in concrete buildings does not mean that we do not need natural things.

Therefore, even if we only need them for pictures or to spend some peaceful time, we need nature. Whenever we need some mental peace, we wish to go to mountains or valleys. Why? Because nature has a healing element. The surroundings are also quite peaceful, the air is clean.

Because of all these reasons, we are still using some natural elements in our complex cities. Restaurants and hotels often use thatched roofs to give a different sitting place. These roofs are not completely made from natural materials, therefore, they are not that weak. And if you want to buy them and don’t know where to go, Buy Mexican Palm Thatch Tiki Bar Roofing from palapaumbrellathatch.com.

And how long will they last?

Of course, this is something that would trouble you. We are living in a world where everyone likes to share their pictures on social media. Therefore, they love to go to places that are worth mentioning. So if you make a tiki hut in your restaurant, you will attract more customers.

Natural thatched roofs

Natural thatched roofs last for about 3 or 4 years. This is the period if you take better care of your roof and maintain it. However, if you are living in a region where you encounter sea breezes or fast winds and storms, the time span will decrease to half. Thus, you will need to replace it after it starts breaking off. But know that this time also varies from material to material.

You can get the Mexican palm and Palapa thatch. Mexican palm thatch lasts for 3 to 5 years, depending upon the seller, material quality and weather patterns. You can get the details from your seller. And if you take better care and ensure maintenance, these roofs will even last for 10 years.

The Palapa thatch material usually lasts for 4 to 6 years. If you experience that the roof is worn out, you can replace it. If not for the whole roof, at least the part which is most damaged. You can also increase the time span of Palapa thatch to 10 years by ensuring proper and timely maintenance.

Benefits of using natural materials

  1. Of course, it is natural and offers amazing insulation in both cold and warm weather.
  2. The air pockets will let the air and sunlight enter through the roof.
  3. It will also offer wind resistance only if you apply it correctly.
  4. Thatched roofs are energy-efficient, you won’t have to install air conditioners. But to achieve that, you will need a thicker layer.
  5. It won’t rot because the straws are organic and water runs off without staying and penetrating.


  1. The top layer will receive direct sunlight and experience strong winds that will make it vulnerable.
  2. You will pay more for insurance because natural materials are vulnerable to fire hazards.
  3. Natural materials are not waterproof. Therefore, if you are experiencing heavy rainfall, the water will start to seep down.
  4. The problem that most people encounter is mold. Natural materials are highly susceptible to getting mold. However, if you take care of the roofs, mold won’t easily develop.

Things you should know about natural materials

You should know that natural materials also attract natural predators and pests. Therefore, if you do not do pest control practices, your thatch will attract a lot of pests. So if you are planning to keep the natural things natural, be ready to experience spiders, booklice, mites, flies, and even cockroaches. So isn’t it better to get pest control spray? It will save you from all the trouble.

In addition to this, you will also experience birds and squirrels. They won’t do much harm to your roof and therefore, you can let them stay. Although birds might take away the straws to make their homes but they will also attract more customers. And even if birds start to pick the straws, they won’t be able to damage the roof severely. Therefore, you do not have to worry much about them.

And talking about squirrels, they won’t take the straws but will only climb the pillars. You can feed them some snacks and they will make your tiki hut look more natural. As a result of this, your customers will feel happy and satisfied. Squirrels look cute and a lot of people find them attractive.

Artificial materials

We have a way of synthesizing things. Therefore, you will also get thatch roofs made from synthetic materials. They look just similar to the natural materials but are tough and weather resistant. The best thing is that they will last for around 20 years. Yes, 20 years.

Benefits of using synthetic materials

  1. The biggest advantage is that they last for around 20 years. So it is a sort of one-time investment.
  2. Synthetic thatch materials are quite durable and won’t easily fall off.
  3. They are quite easy to handle when it comes to their installation.
  4. Depending on the manufacturer, you will get protection against UV rays. Furthermore, the colors won’t fade away.
  5. Synthetics can also provide a waterproofing feature and are resistant to molds and rotting.

Drawbacks of using synthetic material

  1. They are not natural and therefore, you might not get the feeling after the paint fades away.
  2. Plastic materials feel different from natural ones, even if they do not appear so in pictures.
  3. If you experience heavy sunlight in your region, you might even smell plastic.

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