How Much Does Projection Mapping Cost

Projection mapping is a great way to create engaging visuals for your event. But what exactly does it cost? There are several factors that go into deciding the price of a successful projection mapping project including hardware, location, timing, lighting and complexity. Keep reading to lLearn more about what goes into pricing projection mapping services.

Projection mapping refers to the technique of using existing surroundings or specific objects as the “canvas” for immersive video content. It can be done on an entire building, on a floor or even a specific object. The cost of each project will vary depending on your desired end result and budget. Let’s look at some of the factors that play role in the overall cost:

Factors that Affect the Cost of Projection Mapping

1.       Projection Surface

With projection mapping, the size of the surface and the complexity of its shape will play a big role in the final cost. A smaller surface or such as a single indoor wall may only require a single projector and an hour of labor, while the exterior of a large, irregularly shaped building could require dozens of projectors and several days of labor to complete the installation.

2.       Location

Location can have a drastic impact on how much it costs to map a building. If the event is being held outside, you need to be aware of weather and ambient lighting. Additional hardware such as climate-controlled housing may be needed to protect the projectors. You will also need to take into account venue fees, permits and other permissions that may be required to project at your desired location.

3.       Content Production

A large portion of the costs associated with the projection screen will go towards commissioning custom content. While projection mapping can still look great with stock content, content created specifically for a specific structure will make the illusion truly spectacular. Moreover, the cost of custom animated content can vary greatly depending on the agency used. Some may only charge $10,000 per 10-minute video while others can charge upwards of $1 million for a video of the same duration.

In addition to this, interactive programming might be required.  This new innovation allows the object to respond to the actions of the viewer. To do this successfully requires a defined set of parameters programmed specifically for the interactive components, which can increase cost significantly.

4.       Projection Hardware

Another factor that can play a big role in determining the cost of projection mapping is the quality and quantity of projection hardware needed. The daily rental rate for a single projector can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars depending on a number of factors:

  1.       Resolution: A 4K or 8K projector will cost significantly more than a 1080p projector. Resolution requirements depend on the size of the projection surface and therefore the number of pixels required to produce a pristine image.
  2.       Brightness: Projectors can vary in brightness from as low as 1000 lumens for smaller rooms with minimal light, to 70K lumen projectors and more for large, outside surfaces that need to be viewed in the day.  Double stacking projectors is another way to obtain the brightness required.
  3.       Size of equipment and potential obstacles for setup: Will custom made rigs be required to mount the projectors? Are there any obstacles in the way requiring additional projectors in order to avoid shadowing?

5.        Complexity: 2D to 4D Projection

While 2D projection mapping occurs on a flat surface and may only take a few short hours to set up, 3D projection mapping requires a lot of extra labor and potentially extra hardware to ensure the object or surface is seamlessly mapped with no warping or distortion of the projected image.

4D adds an extra level of immersion with practical effects such as smoke, wind, scent, vibration and movement and other FX to further stimulate the senses.

So, What’s the Total?

Projection mapping can vary enormously depending on the size and scope of the project. A very simple project requiring stock content and a single projector unit can cost as little as $5,000. At the higher end, projects can cost up to 2.5 million for larger experiences requiring dozens of top of the line projectors, and custom animated content. 


Projection mapping is a great way to bring your imagination into reality. Whether you’re looking for something simple or complex, pricing options can be quite flexible. This immersive technology is the future of marketing endeavors and an event with such illumination is guaranteed to form a lasting impression and create that “wow” experience every brand is looking for. As a result, it is a great investment that will surely blow your guests away! 


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