Alignment of teeth is essential to individuals as it boosts one confidence in smiling. Teeth that are well aligned are easy to clean, hence good breath, and prevent mouth diseases such as tooth decay and jaw pain. The cost of Invisalign may vary depending on several factors and the location where it will get practiced. People may pay for the service through insurance or cash from their pockets.

Average Cost

The Invisalign process enables individuals to change their teeth alignment, and other people do not notice. It is much easier and cheaper than other procedures like a brace. So, how much is invisalign?

The procedure doesn’t have a fixed cost; it will depend on the number of times you visit the office that relies on the condition of your teeth. Therefore, you should see a Dentist Geelong before you start the process so that they can guide you accordingly. However, the process averages from $3000 to $8000, with most averaging from $4000 and $5000 according to their website details. People can frequently ask their friends how much is invisalign because the price might rage. But they should know that their coat would be low or high depending on the condition of the teeth. The average cost can also differ depending on the location the process is being undertaken. People living in remote areas will pay more than those living in more advanced places.

Time Used

The teeth conditions vary from one person to the other. When the condition is severe, it means that the cost of the procedure will be more expensive than those with fewer conditions. The process corrects almost all jaw problems; therefore, those with severe conditions will be forced to spend more time. The more time they consume with the doctor, the more they will pay. After the procedure gets done, the teeth alignment becomes as straight and attractive as the client wants. They are required to carry out the after-procedure maintenance until the given number of days. They will even be required to undergo several check-ups to ensure the procedure is healing well and no complications will arise in the process. Doctors recommend using retainers after the operation because teeth tend to move to their original location after a while. The cost of the retainer will vary depending on the seller.

Expertise and Location

Dentist specialists possess different experiences and qualifications. In other professions, people with more experience and more qualifications charge higher, but dentists are ranked depending on the number of the Invisalign they carry out successfully. They are ranked from bronze to Diamond II, which is the highest. Each successful procedure is worth one hundred points, and a dentist requires 20,000 points to rank the highest (Diamond II). The higher the ranking, the more expensive the doctor’s service is. Doctors who rank the same level but with higher education levels will charge higher than their colleagues. Those without experience will demand lower prices as they try to lure new customers. Customers receiving services from the ranked dentists receive lab discounts depending on the level of the rank. For example, those from the silver ranked category receive 30% discounts, while those from Diamond II receive 46%. The discounts make the service cost lower, and you will enjoy the service at a low price. Dentists living in different places will charge the service differently depending on their reasons. Some may cost higher, maybe because they are located in places where only high-class people live—Doctors in the same area charge almost similarly to enable effective competition.

The cost of Invisalign is almost similar, but it will depend on the factors and condition of the teeth. You are required to survey by consulting the dentist to know the cost that you will undertake. The procedure will make one smile better and increase self-confidence hence the need to undertake it. The cleaning of teeth becomes more manageable, making it more efficient while maintaining your health. Therefore, people should not be driven away by the high cost but rather look at the advantages gained. The price will be low when you follow the doctor’s advice because less time will be spent with reduced complications.

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