A look at how Samsung are changing the accessories market with LED cases

Over time, we have witnessed technology significantly change over the years. One of the forefront technologies that has developed in unimaginable ways has to be the smartphone. Smartphones have managed to integrate new technology while simultaneously improving it over time. 

Smartphones now have the capabilities of some of the best computers, and digital cameras all merged into one, with advanced, capable technologies such as AI. Some of the biggest tech giants dominating the smartphone market today such as Apple and Samsung have notably developed the smartphone into the devices we are more familiar with today.

The competition between tech giants is fierce with a continuous uphill struggle trying to outdo one another. Tech giants have worked hard at trying to perfect smartphones. Turning it into a device that consumers would want to buy year on year with better features. As new handsets launch, the attraction for new, sleeker more advanced models has massively increased. In the past year, we have seen Samsung handsets change in shape and size with the launch of their new folding and flip handsets. 

However, the battle between tech giants for the best means they have, over time lost sight of accessories that go with the phone. Until now, phone cases and accessories were simple instruments that just got the job done without a wow factor. This is set to change as Samsung has birthed a new 2020 revolution with its line of new smart cases. Here’s a look at the smartphone cases of tomorrow. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 LED Cover 

For those face down phone keepers, this one for you. Samsung has launched a LED back cover for their S20 range of phones as seen in the picture above. Once the phone is placed screen down, the smart LED lights on the surface take over and light up to uncover a beautiful starlight-like pattern of lights on the back. The lights also have a twinkle function to keep the case interesting as it sits idle. 

The case is also interactive in smart ways as it shows you different notifications on the back. The phone lights up with a phone icon when there is an incoming call as well as an LED countdown display which counts down while the camera timer is one, so users know when the camera will take a picture. 

The cover also comes with other functionalities which include setting animated animals to specific notifications and contacts as well as creating personal graphics to use, making it more playful. 

Samsung Galaxy LED Wallet Cover

A look at how Samsung are changing the accessories market with LED cases











The Samsung Galaxy LED view cover is similar to the back cover explored above; however, it has a flip cover which covers the entire screen of the phone. The flip cover houses the LEDs and is what allows users to see notifications on their phones from the outside. The LEDs on the front cover notify users of incoming calls, the time, messages and much more. 

The use of easy notifications allows users to take calls and assign custom icons to contacts, so they know exactly who is calling without needing to open the flap of the case. The case also comes with a handy card pocket on the inside for ID and bank cards if users are not already using Samsung Pay. The design and shape of the case also offer the phone enhanced protection with a fabric-like material which makes it easy to grip and comfortable to hold.  

Samsung Galaxy LED View Cover

A look at how Samsung are changing the accessories market with LED cases


This stylish case from Samsung is their Smart Clear View case which is programmed to work seamlessly with your device. The clear viewfinder built into the case allows users to see notifications, alerts as well as reject and answer calls all without opening the cover. 


The design of the case is slim and light with beautifully curved edges giving it a chic look. The design of the case also makes it easy and comfortable to hold and grip without feeling bulky. The case, like the previous two, also offers all-around protection for your smartphone while the front flap protects the screen. 


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