Nonprofit organizations need all the help they can get. They’re busy benefiting the community, members, or the general public, and that’s where they try to focus their time, energy, and their budget. With the right software solutions, nonprofit staff and volunteers can focus more on those goals and spend less time doing busywork.

Many of the administrative tasks nonprofits deal with are necessary, but if there’s a software solution that can automate them or make them faster for employees to handle, your organization will have more time to focus on what really matters.

Membership Management Software

Nonprofits have unique administrative tasks compared to many for-profit businesses, and they need software that helps them with those demands. One of these areas is membership management. While many charitable organizations are non-membership organizations, organizations that serve a limited number of people are often membership organizations. These might include organizations such as:

  • Labor organizations
  • Neighborhood associations or BIAs
  • Social and recreation clubs
  • Chambers of commerce

Managing membership is essential work. The most effective membership management software for nonprofits will help you shift membership sign up and renewal all online, as well as make membership communications and data collection easier.

Online Donation Forms

One of the best things a nonprofit organization can do is streamline the donation process. Whether you’re seeking one-off donations for a particular campaign or signing up monthly donors, collecting donations on your own website is a great place to start.

Online donations have a number of similarities to online shopping, and cart abandonment is a real issue. This is where someone gets part of the way through making a purchase (in this case, a donation) before abandoning their effort due to frustration or second thoughts.

The more convenient and streamlined the donation process, the less likely cart abandonment is to happen. In addition to keeping donors on your own website, you can help reduce cart abandonment by:

  • Letting donors know how far along in the process they are so that they can judge for themselves if they have time to complete it before life gets in the way.
  • Informing donors why you’re collecting certain data.
  • Keeping information to a minimum. Only collect what you need to verify their identity and payment information.
  • Making sure your donation page is mobile-friendly, so donors can donate any time, anywhere.

CRM Software for Donor Relations

Customer Relationship Management software isn’t just for customers; it’s an effective software tool for working with donors. Fundraising software should help you manage your donor relationships by giving you more tools to:

  • Manage monthly donations, including flagging expiring credit cards and making it simple to sign up for monthly giving.
  • Get real-time alerts about donor activity. You’ll know when a donor makes an exceptionally large donation or when someone donates for the first time, so your team can react appropriately.
  • Process and send donation receipts with just a few clicks, with all the information you need to comply with local regulations.

The right software solution can make your life a lot easier. Find a solution that works for your nonprofit organization. You can start saving time so you can focus on what counts.

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