Your work desk is where you spend most of your time on many days. At some point, it starts to feel like part of your body due to the familiarization. But is your work desk the right size for maximum productivity? Of course, you can have the best desk and be comfortable, but it will hamper your productivity if it isn’t the correct size. So, how spacious should your work desk be for optimal productivity? You can find out below and some of the features of the right size desk.

Right Height

The first thing you need to look at your work desk in terms of space is the height. If the desk isn’t the right height, it will be limited in certain areas. You want a desk that your feet can comfortably fit below without stretching much. Also, if you will be using a standing desk – which is quite common today, you need to ensure it is the right height. You need to work from the standing position, and it needs to carry all that you need. The elbows should also have enough room to navigate. Find sit stand gaming desk here.

Monitor Space

Your screen is mainly your working point. All other things aren’t as crucial on your desk as much as the monitor. The distance between you and the screen should ideally be around 20 – 40 cm. This should give you enough room to play around on the desk. You also need to factor in variables such as your keyboard when you think of the screen. The desk should also be able to carry your keyboard efficiently. When using a keyboard, it shouldn’t struggle to fit on the table and be seamless. The 40cm was for the screen alone, and you need to factor in another 10cm for the keyboard to fit in.

Think of A Cockpit

When thinking of Danny’s Desks, for example, you need to think of it as a cockpit. You need to get around to everything you need with minimal fuss. If the desk is the right size and has enough space, it must carry all your essentials. For example, some of the things you need to have on your desk beside the screen and the keyboard include a pen, sheet of paper, and space for your phone. Some people also love plants or pictures for décor, and they should fit in too.

Enough Drawers

Space is not only what you can see on top of the desk. You also need to look at the drawers as part of the space you need. Some desks have no drawers, limiting your space potential, and you need to have a more expansive deck for space. With enough drawers on the desk, you can have most of your bills and other essential papers well stored. The draws can also secure places for some of your valued items around the office.

Spacious Enough

Your office desk needs to be spacious enough to accommodate your personal space and provide enough room for all of your working items. This is how big it needs to be and what it can carry.

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