As time has changed, the rules of dating have changed a lot over the years. And women are not afraid to be the first one to ask a guy out. But the question is how to ask a guy to come over through text or face to face.

To make a move as a woman can get overwhelming, and it can get a bit scary to text a guy to come over. There may be a fear of getting rejected or shamed. In my opinion, if you like a guy and want him to go through, then ask for it. Requiring a guy to come over can be easy, and below are some tips that you can follow to make it a lot easier.

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Keep it Casual:

Don’t use your flirting techniques in the beginning. As a girl, you want to catch him when he least expects it. You can try inviting him for after-work drinks at a local bar rather than a dinner that will require both of you to dress up and look somewhat formal. It would be best if you made the vibe, and the scene relaxed so that conversation can flow smoothly with no pressure.

Make it about you:

If your guy is someone you talk to every day, you can casually mention that it has been a while since we have been to the cinema. As a lady, you are going to ask him to tag along if he wants. In this way, you end up being on an unofficial date without even realizing it.

Involve your friends:

If you have tried to ask, your guy comes over and do not work out then involve your friends. It is always easy to show a guy some attention if you are in a group because you don’t have to be with them all the time. Once you have established the place where his mindset is, suggest that the next time you got out, and let it be just two of you, and then give him time to think about it. When he sees you making fun and happiness with others, it will make him curious about how it would be like if it were just the two of you.

Flirt your way up:

By now, you must know what he likes and doesn’t, so use it as your advantage. If your guy is not shy, try looking into his eyes and see if he will do the same. You can also text your ex back and start a new relationship. If he is an expressive type of person, play with his hair or subtly touch his shoulder when laughing. This thing will strike up a spark.

Ask him:

If you and your guy are in a healthy relationship, you could succeed with only just giving hints. But the best way to do this is to tell him how you feel to come over. If your guy feels the same about you, he will never lie to you and listen to you.

Don’t go big at the beginning:

You should not say, ‘let’s have sex’ in the beginning as it may scare him. Always start small before bringing the big guns. As it is said that the first time you enter a pool, you have to dip your toe before diving into it.

You can start by having a simple conversation like how was your day? Or your Facebook story was amusing, or naturally text him like you usually do.

There is no need to make it a bog thing, as you are a human being and have your own needs, and you have every right to make those needs met.

Bring out the big guns:

Your guy can misunderstand your text messages, so always be clear and precise about what you want to tell him. Don’t beat about the bush. And your goal is to text your crush to come over. Do not send a cute message or an emoji that he will take forever to decode as a simple man. The only need is to tell him exactly what you want, or else you lose your chance.


If you want to ask your guy to come over, don’t make it a big thing. Ask him for this. If he loves you, he will understand your demand and will go around.

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