5 Skateboarding Tricks That Will Enhance Your Surfing Skills 

Skateboarding is a weather-supporting game. Skateboarding can only be done if the weather is good. But why do you always have to depend upon the weather for skateboarding? Have you ever heard about fingerboards? What does it mean? From the name, it suggests that it is a mini skateboard that is played with the help of fingers. So, if the weather is not so good, you can sit at home and enjoy fingerboarding. 

Now you all must be wondering from where to buy this? Well, what if I tell you that you can customize your fingerboard by yourself. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into the steps to make your custom fingerboard.

Application of the Fingerboard

Fingerboards are utilized by a wide spectrum of people, from children to skateboarding and associated sports professionals who use them to visualize not just their skate movements but also those of others and can even be used to map out contest routes as skating becomes a global sport. Fingerboard hobbyists often manufacture and acquire smaller-scale replica figures which would be regarded as normal elements to an urban skateboarder, such as railings, benches, and stairs, in the same manner that train fans build railway models.

Users can also construct and purchase elements found in a skatepark, such as half-pipes, half pipes, and a variety of other gimmick objects. These items can be utilized for recreational purposes as well as to aid in the visualization of skating tricks or the “flow” from one trick to the next.

Quick Steps to Make Your Custom Fingerboard: –

1) Equipment Needed

To customize a fingerboard you only need glue, plywood measuring 20×4 cm, scissors, a ruler, sandpapers. 

2) Cutting the Plywood

Since your final board will now have six layers of veneers, you’ll need identical pieces of plywood. 9.5 x 3.0 cm is indeed the ideal size. For the chopping, simply use your scissor. 

3) Glueing

Now with the help of adhesive, fix the two shapes. Be careful while you are fixing them. They should fit exactly on each other. Wait till the glue dries and the shapes are fixed. 

4) Shaping the Plywood

With the help of hot iron, provide some heat to that glued plywood for 20 seconds. This will make the glue melt and will make the wood soften. Without wasting the next second just shape the plywood in the shape of a skateboard with the help of your hands. Be careful as the wood is hot. You need to shape the plywood immediately after heating the plywood as the glue is softened for a very short period. So you need to be quick.  

5) Corners Should be Polished

Wipe and smooth the corners of your new curved fingerboard using various grains of sandpaper.

6) Design Concepts

Now is the time to complete your design sketches, gather new visual inspirations, and begin decorating your board with shades! Both pencils and watercolors will produce outstanding results. Finally, apply a coat of topcoat to finish it off.

7) Add Everything Up

With the help of a drill make holes into your customized fingerboard to give space to wheels. And then add onto wheels with the help of a pin.


Finally, Fingerboard is a miniature sidewalk surfboard that allows riders to mimic and replicate skateboarding’s key tricks and techniques using just their middle and index fingers. In Europe, Asia, and America, the fingerboard industry is still alive and well. Workshops, fairs, and competitions are held regularly. You can create your professional fingerboard by following some steps above.


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