After a wash cycle, we frequently notice fuzz on our clothes. Lint can be seen on all sorts of clothing, whether new or old, and is most noticeable on dark clothing. These tiny pieces of lint are caused by normal wear and tear. Broken clothing fibers become tangled and attract micro-threads during washing.

These threads can clump together over time forming a lint ball on your clothes. This is a common problem, but it is possible to avoid pilling and remove the pills. Fortunately, there are some techniques you can try to avoid and get rid of them.

How To Remove Lint Balls from Clothes

Choose your fabric carefully.

Pilling is more common in some fabrics than in others. Lint balls are common in clothing with shorter, looser fibers. One piece of advice is to avoid knitted fabrics and opt to wear woven apparel if you want to avoid lint balls.

Polyester, acrylic, cotton, wool, and other synthetic fabrics are more prone to pilling. It’s preferable to wear linen, silk, or denim if you do not want to deal with pilling.

Learn to sort your clothes before washing.

Another valuable tip to keep your garments from pilling while being washed is to turn all of your clothing inside out. Additionally, don’t forget to button shirts and secure zippers and hooks. They have rough surfaces that can damage clothing fibers, resulting in pilling.

It would be ideal if you made it a habit to sort your garments by fabric. Some fabrics are thicker than others, which might degrade the quality of lighter materials if combined in the washer. Moreover, it would be best to check the labeling for the recommended water temperature and wash cycle.

Make sure to check the label of your laundry detergent.

It would be ideal to check the components of your laundry detergent. Some enzymes in laundry detergents help in removing stains quickly. Conversely, cellulase can do something else; it can loosen any pills attached to your clothes. This can solve your problem with pilling if combined with the right temperature and wash cycle.

Use a lint ball remover and shaver.

You can remove lint from your freshly washed clothes by hand or use a battery-operated remover. You can find many fabric combs and pill removers online or at your local supermarket.

Home Hacks in Removing Lint From Your Clothes

According to dry cleaners in Farmington, you can also try these hacks with items found inside your home and have a lint-free outfit everyday.

  1. Use a dryer sheet.

Dryer sheets, with their anti-static laundry properties, make sense as they can remove lint from clothes that are not in the dryer. Just rub a single dryer sheet on your clothes, and you’ll be fuzz-free in no time!

  1. Use masking tape.

Are you still using lint rollers? Masking tape is an option. Use the sticky side of the tape to grab any lint ball.

  1. Use the “air only” dryer setting .

Toss your clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet and run it in “air only” setting to eliminate the lint.

  1. Use distilled white vinegar.

It turns out that distilled vinegar is also great for removing lint. Add it to your laundry as a final rinse to get rid of the pesky lint from bath towels and sweaters.

  1. Use an anti-static spray.

The anti-static spray can keep your clothes from sticking to your skin and make it less static, which helps prevent lint from sticking to your clothes.

  1. Use a pumice stone.

The pumice stones in your bathroom can do much more than smoothen your skin. If you find yourself with a pilling sweater, rub it with your pumice rock to remove any lint and get rid of the ball.

  1. Try using contact paper

You can use a roll or pack of self-adhesive drawer liners to help you get started. If you find yourself in a lint-covered outfit on your way out of the house, use the sticky side of the contact paper to get rid of it.

  1. Use your hairdryer.

You can always count on your hairdryer to keep you lint-free when all else fails. To get a crisp, clean look, dampen a dryer sheet and rub it onto your fuzz-covered clothes while you blow your hair dryer with the cool setting.

Key Takeaway

Now, with all the correct information, tips, and hacks to get rid of and avoid stubborn lint balls on your clothes, it would be much easier to deal with them. However, suppose you don’t have the luxury of time to try the techniques mentioned above one by one. In that case, you can seek the help of your friendly neighborhood laundry professionals and be rest assured that your garments will come back lint-free, clean, and ready for you to wear.

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