Can you back up your computer to Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud storage and sync product that is well known by some Internet users. It provides a certain amount of storage space for users to store files, and with its powerful functions. Such as folder sharing, full-text search, document management, etc., to help users better collaborate with others.

Each Google Drive account has 15GB of free storage capacity. If you have a larger data upload requirement, you can also upgrade your account. This is very friendly to many users who have file backup needs.

Google Drive can be used as a backup location. After backing up data to Google Cloud, you can also have a file in a remote place, and you can log in to Google Drive to access it through multiple devices.

So how can I back up my computer to Google Drive? Google provides two ways to upload files, the first is through the Google Drive website, you can manually upload the files and folders you need to the cloud; the second is through the Google Drive desktop client – Backup and Sync, after installing and logging in to the software, it will create a Google Drive folder locally. You need to drag and drop the files that need to be backed up into the Google Drive folder, and the data will be synced to the cloud.

It is worth mentioning that these 2 methods may take a lot of time, and these files must be selected one by one. When the backup demand is large, this will be a huge workload. In addition, the data on the computer is changing at any time, and you may miss some important data because the backup is not timely.

Switching to a method that can automatically back up files on your computer to Google Drive is a better choice. Fortunately, some excellent backup software has been able to achieve this process.

Auto backup your PC to Google Drive with CBackup

Finding a suitable automatic cloud backup service is a very important step. You can try CBackup, which is an automatic online backup tool that integrates PC backup to the cloud, cloud to cloud backup, and cloud to cloud sync.

It allows you to easily create scheduled automatic file backup to cloud tasks, and easily back up computer files to Google Drive. The tool also supports cloud drives such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and CBackup Cloud as backup destinations. If you are a user of multiple cloud drives, you can manage cloud backup tasks for multiple services with this one tool.

If you are looking for a simpler and safer online backup solution, you can try CBackup now. It only takes a few simple steps to get the automatic backup from your computer to Google Drive:

Step 1. Go to the CBackup website, download the software to your computer for free, apply for an account and log in to CBackup.

Step 2. Select the My Storage tab in the task bar on the left. If you are adding a cloud drive for the first time, click the Add Cloud button in the center of the interface. Choose Google Drive in the pop-up window, click Add, and then log in to your Google Drive according to the instructions to authorize CBackup to access your data.

Step 3. Then go to Backup Tasks through the taskbar and click New Task to create your automatic PC to cloud task.

Step 4. If necessary, you can edit the task name to make it easier to distinguish. Then click Add Source and select any local files you need to back up to Google Drive in the pop-up window.

Step 5. Then click Add Destination, click Single Cloud and then select Google Drive, and click the Next button to confirm your choice.

How to Backup Files to Google Drive from Windows PC Automatically

Note: Click Settings in the lower left corner, select Enable schedule backup under the Scheduled Backup tab, specify the backup frequency in the schedule option or select Specific time to set the time. Click OK to enable automatic backup of the computer to Google Drive.

Step 6. Click Start Backup to confirm your cloud backup task.

Final word

Using CBackup is the best way to back up files on your computer to Google Drive. Whether you have a cloud backup requirement or are looking for an alternative to Google Backup and Sync, CBackup is the best choice. It’s better to start using it now.

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