How to be Safe During Covid-19: 5 Life Saving Tips

The world is still facing the ill effects of the COVID 19 virus. It has been more than a year but some of the parts of the world are still suffering due to this virus. We have seen many people losing their lives while fighting this virus. It was not only with the patients but many doctors also have sacrificed their lives while saving others. The first wave of COVID 19 taught us how to deal with it and hence all of us are prepared to face it and protect ourselves if the second wave occurs.

Many people have now become anxious about COVID 19 and hence various health organizations including WHO have started spreading the word about the precautions that one needs to take to protect from COVID 19. According to sources generally, adults and the ones who are already suffering from any disease are at a higher risk of getting infected due to this virus. Even people who have a weak immune system or suffering from severe health issues such as diabetes or a heart attack can even get targeted easily by this virus.

So, what are the symptoms of COVID 19 infection? There are various symptoms one can experience if one gets infected by COVID 19 such as trouble in breathing, inability to stay awake, bluish lips, or persistent pain in the body. It is always recommended to get the COVID 19 test done if you notice any of these symptoms. But they say precaution is better than cure. So how will you protect yourself from this virus? Here is the list.

Avoiding the contact

Social distancing has become the most common method to protect from COVID 19. We all had locked ourselves in our homes during the initial phase of virus infection. The purpose of doing this was to avoid contact with each other which had shown good results as well. Hence to continue It is recommended to follow the rule of social distancing. Make sure to avoid contact with people who are sick and stay at home if possible. There are many wholesale food suppliers who provide home delivery of grocery and other food items. You can utilize the same.  According to the experts, it is beneficial to keep a distance of a minimum of 6 feet from the other person.

Washing your hands frequently

This is the most common advice you might have got till now to protect yourself from COVID 19. We touch our hands at many places and things in the whole day and it is quite easy for bacteria to get transferred from the surface to hands. Hence it is advisable to wash your hands frequently. You can use any soap and water. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You can use handwash as well for this purpose. If you are traveling outside then make sure to carry a pocket-size sanitizer along with you. Make sure not to touch your eyes, mouth, or nose without washing your hands.

Covering your sneezes and coughs

COVID 19 bacteria can spread easily in the air. If one is infected with the virus and if he sneezes then the bacteria can travel through the droplets to the surrounding. With this, the other person can get infected easily after inhaling these bacteria. Hence make sure to cover your coughs or sneezes. If any of your friends or family members are suffering from cough and cold then advise them to follow the same.

Disinfect the surfaces frequently

Since the bacteria spread easily from the surface to our hands, it is important to sanitize the surfaces as well. Make sure to sanitize and disinfect the tabletops, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, sinks with the help of a sanitizer spray regularly to control the spreading of bacteria.

Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose

This perhaps would be the most familiar method that we all are following till now. No matter what is the percentage of patients in your vicinity it is always advisable to wear a mask while going out. But if you have children at your place then make sure the ones below the age of 2 years should not wear them as it can cause breathing issues. Only wearing the mask will not protect you from the virus. Hence make sure to follow the above-mentioned rules as well to stay protected from COVID 19 virus.

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