Project Homes: Appreciating Values With Interior and Exterior Decor

Due to the pandemic, your house likely became your office, school, gym, or whatever else you needed it to be. It makes sense why you might be looking for a change of scenery to shake up the interior of your home. If your finances are in order, now may be the time to blend your personality into your interior design to provide refreshing new surroundings for your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your household.

Take a style quiz and learn your taste.


You might have different tastes when it comes to interior design. And you could be unsure of which style to add to your household. That’s where an interior design style quiz can actually be beneficial. Learn to prioritize the furnishings, color palette, and other elements that you’d actually enjoy for the long term. A fun, interactive quiz can deliver results in minutes. Uncover a unique decorating style you may not have thought of before.

Choose from a modern coastal design that’s focused on furniture arrangement through Feng shui to a more glam and elegant design that allows creatives to feel a regal element in their household. There are a lot of options out there to explore and some you may not even know about. Interior design style doesn’t even have to be about furniture or cabinetry. It can also just be about color and textural patterns to deliver the result you’re seeking.

Turn to the stars.


Sometimes, our personality traits need to shine through in our interior design taste. That’s where name numerology can help you uncover more about your identity through self-assessment. Name numerology uncovers a destiny number, which is the numerical total of your full birth name reduced to a master number or a single digit. Your first name is your active number. Your last name is your heredity number. The total of your vowels is your soul urge number, and the total of the consonants is your personality number.

A name numerology calculator can help uncover the numbers you need to understand more about your personality. This can help to uncover traits through a numerology chart that pinpoints certain attributes in one’s personality. This includes their assertiveness or their care, which can then be reflected through the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home through interior design.

Show off your hobbies and possessions.


Your specific style can be dictated by the things you love the most. If you are a plant lover, don’t be afraid to add some greens as personal decor. Showing off your hobbies and possessions can revitalize rooms in your household, and it’s a great way for people to understand what makes you tick. A personal touch can help you find the perfect patterns to match up with the imagery you want to put on display. You can do this by finding a comfortable sofa suited for binging movies at home or switching to a coastal-style interior if you’re an accomplished surfer.

Don’t be afraid of making a statement.


Don’t feel like you have to keep every room of your house neutral. Explore color palettes for complementary tones that provide a splash of brightness that liven up a room. With different styles, you can determine the best finishes and best furniture pieces that are suited to the environment you wish to create. You may prefer to opt for darker shades in the bedroom to help you sleep at night or set the mood for relaxation. Remember, there is so much you can do. So, don’t hesitate to make alterations.

Use the tips above to blend your personality into your interior design, whether that’s using numerology or showing off your interests at home.

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