How to Choose a Good Divorce Lawyer

A man and a woman intend to marry for it to last, not to be dissolved when things get rough. However, not all marriages are meant to be salvaged. When the union no longer serves the person and does more harm than good, one can always apply for a divorce. If you find yourself in the middle of a nasty divorce, our best advice is to get yourself the best divorce lawyer Barrington.

A seasoned divorce attorney could not only secure a favorable decision in your favor, but they can also help you get the best arrangement when it comes to property, child custody, and other marriage-related matters. But since there are too many legal counsels offering their services, some even caught ‘ambulance-chasing,’ finding the right one can be tricky.

So, to eliminate one of the major obstacles in your way and get the ball rolling right away, check out these tips on how to choose a good divorce attorney suggested by Rocklin legal experts.

Pay careful attention to their experience

We’re not saying that new lawyers aren’t as good in litigation as those before them. We’re only pointing out that there are so many things one can pick-up from experience that isn’t discussed in law textbooks. For example, a new lawyer may be well-versed in the legal provisions, case precedents, exceptions, and writing stellar pleadings, but they may lack actual litigation experience. Hence, they might still struggle during interpellation and discourse before the bench and the bar.

While it pays to have a textbook smart lawyer, it will do you more good if the one that you’ve chosen is also seasoned in actual litigation and questioning.

Work with a lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings

Every lawyer studied the same laws and statutes, but their chosen field of specialization matters in how they’ll handle your case. While general practice attorneys could legally represent you in a divorce proceeding, you’ll have a more competitive advantage if you partner with a lawyer specializing in divorce.

A specialized divorce attorney is most likely to represent similar cases in the past that allowed them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be better. The most challenging past divorce cases they represented may have taught them how to win a divorce case. And since they’ve been dealing with the same case now and then, their knowledge and focus are more geared to divorce cases, giving them leverage over general practitioners.

Commission a divorce lawyer who asks difficult questions

One’s interest and empathy can be gauged in how well they listen to your narrative. The latter can then be measured through how they clarify your point.  If they ask the hard and challenging questions, then that means they’re invested in your case, and they pay adequate attention to the tiny details of your narrative. This also means that they’re already building your case and/or formulating strategies that could be used later on as they represent you in the family court.

Choose a lawyer who writes well

Writing is a fundamental skill. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this skill, so you need to make sure that your divorce lawyer is one who can express himself well in writing. As you know, you’ll need to submit a pleading, make a reply, or draft an answer wherein you’ll have to present your case and defenses in writing. If your lawyer struggles to verbalize his argument and explain why the court should rule in your favor, there is a very high chance that the case would be ruled in favor of the other party.

Observe how they interpellate in court

Your lawyer shouldn’t only be good at writing pleadings; he should also be keen on oral interpellations in court. Imagine yourself in a hearing where the other party throws ad hominems or attack the credibility of your evidence, yet your lawyer remains mum and refuses to raise proper objections. Without these logical fallacies being raised and refuted, the opposing counsel will simply carry on, with the judge allowing the generalizations as part of the other party’s evidence. At the end of the hearing, you might just get a demoralizing verdict.

Ending a marriage is already traumatizing and emotionally draining. Instead of settling with an incompetent lawyer, go for seasoned ones who can increase your chances of securing a favorable ruling. With a reliable legal ally, you’re undoubtedly well represented.

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