How To Choose A Light Therapy Mask For Face?

Do you know how helpful light therapy masks can be?

LED masks or light therapy masks are famous for killing bacteria and collagen production on your skin responsible for acne.

According to many types of research, it has also been shown that these masks can also reduce facial oil production and minimize wrinkles.

So if you are very cautious about your skin, then these LED masks are just for you.

Now the question arises!!

-” How do we choose a therapy mask out of so many in the market?”

This is where this article is going to help you. It will provide you with all the ins and outs of choosing a light therapy mask for your elegant face!!!

How Do LED Lights Help Your Skin?

LED light therapy masks are designed to emit different light wavelengths with high “penetrating power” to initiate changes in the skin.

In short, what it means is that the wavelengths from the mask can reach your skin cells, tissues, and muscles to cure a particular skin condition.

For instance, red light therapy is very beneficial for those who have wrinkles. This therapy light increases the flow of blood and energizes the production of collagen, which is very useful in reducing wrinkles.

Therefore, different colored light therapy has different wavelengths, and every single one of them has other purposes to suit. So make sure that you know your skin condition before you get yourself one of these LED masks.

And always seek the advice of a dermatologist as he knows the suitable therapy device for you!!!

Choosing Your LED Face Masks: Ways And Tactics

I know it can be a tough job to choose a suitable therapy mask because there are so many varieties, and it can be very confusing.

But don’t you worry, through this article, you’ll know all the ways you can choose an LED face mask for yourself.

Check For Safety Purpose

You must know all the safety precautions of your therapy mask before purchasing one.

That’s why I highly recommend you take your products from reputed manufacturers and ask for the assistance of those who are experts in these fields.

Always check for the brands and reviews before purchasing your item. Have a closer look at the wavelengths, the treatment methods, and the number of LED lights present on your face mask.

Compare The Wavelengths

Every device has its unique wavelengths, and we already know the importance of these wavelengths.

Here is some information that might help you:

  1. Yellow Light: It helps to speed up the recovery of your skin.
  2. Red Light: Highly beneficial for antiaging like wrinkles and skin lining.
  3. Blue Light: It helps to control acne and even heals it.
  4. Green Light: Helps in fading dark spots
  5. Infrared Light: Although you can’t see it with naked eyes, it can penetrate deep down for the best results.

The LED Lights Comparison

In this case, both the quality and quantity of the lights matter. You need to make sure that the lights’ quality is good and if the amounts are good numbers.

Always check if the masks you are using are durable and also reliable.

To know which one’s better, take suggestions from your dermatologist!!!

Check For The Price

Prices will always vary depending on the quality of the mask and the number of lights used.

Before getting started with a LED face mask, always know the wavelength as your skin condition might require different wavelengths over time. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to take the advice and suggestions of an expert.

Also, compare with the prices of the face masks used in clinics, which can save quite a good amount of money. But even if you have to extend your pockets a bit, try to go for the best quality!!!!

Know The Mask Materials

The materials of the mask are essential. If you take my suggestions, I will recommend you to go for Polycarbonate and plastic rather than silicon.

The reason is these materials allow gaps between your skin and mask. That means it doesn’t let the mask stick to your skin, and the benefit is your skin can then easily breathe and sweat.

Moreover, in Polycarbonate and plastic materials, the LED lights are perfectly fitted, making them more durable and reliable.

Even Polycarbonate provides 89% of light transmission, where on the other hand, plastic offers only 80%. And also, plastic is highly flammable, so there’s always a risk of catching fire if something unexpected happens.

Do LED Face Masks Work?

To be honest, it entirely depends on the quality of the product and the number or intensity of the lights used on the face mask.

Moreover, face light therapy has always been very beneficial to people. In many pieces of research, it has already been proven that LED face masks have helped many women with wrinkles and acne.

Even researchers have also stated that blue light from these masks can kill and demolish the production of bacterias in the skin. And it drastically helps to improve your skin tone.

But there have also been reports that not all home-suitable face masks have cured the problems!! And many have also said that it didn’t show any signs of improvement.

So, in my opinion, it’s better to go to a clinic and take the therapy over there as those LED masks are highly advanced.

And yet, if you want to grab yourself a personal LED face mask, take advice from your doctor as he knows what’s better for you.

I hope this article will help you know how to choose a light therapy mask for your face!!!

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