How to Choose a Roofing Expert

Are you searching for a reliable roofer? Replacing or repairing your roof is a major undertaking that requires experience, expertise, and a remarkable skillset on the part of roofing contractors.

Although the market is overwhelmed with such professionals offering their services, not all of them are worth hiring. Homeowners often come across cowboy roofers, storm chasers, weekend warriors, and other dodgy workers.

We hope the tips below assist you in choosing the most reputable roof experts in your area.

Avoid cowboy roofers

The first tip when choosing a roofing expert is avoiding cowboy roofers at all costs. Spotting them isn’t exactly easy, which is why you need to look for certain telltale signs. For instance, if the roofer arrives in front of your house with a plain van without any signwriting, it might indicate the contractor operates under more than one name or no name at all.

In general, cowboy roofers have no online presence, which speaks volumes about their reputation. Established contractors are not only supposed to have a website but also social media presence and reviews. Read more about the qualities of exceptional roofing contractors. Additionally, dodgy roofers tend to ask for money upfront in the form of cash. This is definitely a red flag, as you shouldn’t provide any money before the commencement of the roofing project.

Moreover, homeowners are recommended to stay away from storm chasers, referring to the contractors that visit neighborhoods recently hit by hail, heavy rain, or high winds. They knock on the doors of residents trying to sell roofs to individuals whose roofs have sustained significant storm damage. Nevertheless, these roofers also try to get the money upfront and disappear before any work gets done.

Double-check license and insurance

License and insurance are must-have qualifications of roofers, which need to be double-checked prior to hiring a professional for your project. The process of obtaining a roofing license differs across states, but the general requirements are usually the same. Aspiring contractors are required to have a particular amount of experience either as journeymen or crew foremen. In some states, training is required in addition to experience.

Furthermore, roofing experts need insurance to start working as contractors. The types of insurance usually depend on the state, but liability insurance is usually required by most states. Roofers should also consider workers’ compensation insurance, especially those planning to hire employees, not subcontractors.

Double-check license and insurance

Would-be contractors must also take an exam or exams to earn a license. The ideal local roofing expert should be licensed and experienced in residential and commercial roofing. There are two types of exams that candidates are obliged to take, including a law exam and a roofing exam. Licensing agencies are usually in charge of providing candidates with the necessary resources to pass the exams. Once roofing contractors obtain a license, they need to renew it after a given period.

Check out past work

The following tip is to check out the past work of roofing experts. Make sure you ask candidates to provide you with references in order for you to contact other homeowners who have already hired these professionals. In case most of the references are local, you can even arrange a visit to the home of one of the former clients to check the quality of work in person.

Some roofers post photographs of their projects online for prospects to check out when browsing their websites. Also, you should look for third-party reviews posted by previous customers. All information you get about their past work is crucial in learning more about the contractors and their reputation.

Check the types of services

Another aspect to take into account when hiring a roofing expert is the service range of these specialists. Roofing services aren’t the same across contractors, but most of them offer identical basic services. For example, the majority of professionals perform roof inspections to check for leaks and damage.

Additionally, most roofers offer repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation of roofs. They also specialize in weatherproofing, ventilating, insulating, shoveling, sealing, painting, and debris removal. These professionals might even offer roof cleaning, such as pressure washing to remove moss and mildew. Visit this website,, to learn how to eliminate roof moss.

Besides taking care of roofs, many roofers offer gutter services as well. Homeowners should inspect their gutters regularly to prevent clogs, and the best time to do so is when redoing their roofs. If your gutters need maintenance or repair, find a contractor that provides both types of services.

Ask the right questions

Interviewing candidates is an essential part of the hiring process, as homeowners are encouraged to ask the right questions. For instance, make sure you inquire about the types of roofing they install, the types of insurance, their references, costs, and warranty. You should discover whether they offer a free inspection and provide a written estimate following the inspection.

Another aspect of tackling during the interviews is the disposal of old roofing materials. Some roofers take this responsibility for free, whereas others charge a disposal fee. Regarding payment, you should check if they accept credit cards and learn about their financing options, if any.

Get quotes

Asking for quotes is another step to take before hiring a roofing expert. You should obtain a minimum of three quotes to make a comparison. These estimates should be provided in written form and be detailed. Each quote should mention the services you agreed on, the timeline, and payment terms. The cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best option.

Check if the old roof will be torn off

Homeowners planning to install a new roof need to ask whether the old one is going to be torn off. Some contractors prefer to install new shingles over the old ones, which isn’t exactly recommended. Such a step adds additional weight to the structure and increases the risk of damage in the long run.

To sum up

Hiring a roofing expert can prove stressful and overwhelming for homeowners.

Choose yours wisely!

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