How to choose the best basketball shoes for kids

Basketball shoes for kids are designed to be used on the basketball court and should have specific features that make playing the game comfortable. They should meet your child’s demands for footwear, provide excellent traction, and provide comfort to the toes and heels, which makes jumping and moving around possible.

Moreover, your child can wear the shoes as streetwear due to the practicability, durability, and trendy qualities. You can click to see branded footwear here to check more designs you can buy for your children, husband, or even friends.

 Apart from using the shoes in the basketball pitch, the child can wear the shoes with jeans, skirts, and shorts when attending spare time activities. Here are tips for choosing the best basketball shoes for kids.

The Price

 You will have the best price for buying the basketball shoes, and you should start weighing your options based on your budget. When you set a price range, it becomes easier to develop a search scope which reduces the time you need when searching for basketball shoes. You should stick with your price range and consider stretching your budget when needed. However, you should know that a cheap and good basketball shoe pair can still work well as an expensive pair.

Body Build

 Basketball shoes are designed to fit specific players based on their body build, and it could be better to choose a child’s shoes based on their build. If your child is well built and plays center position you should have designer shoes that support big guys. For a smaller basketball player, you can opt for shoes that emphasize speed and mobility.


Your child’s basketball shoes should be comfortable, and the shoes’ comfort depends on the cushioning. The basketball shoes can have air and foam cushioning. The shoe with air cushioning gives better comfort than the ones with foam cushioning. Also, make sure that the shoes must be of advanced technology with lightweight and breathability features, allowing your kid to do well on the court. Loom’s breathable shoes are perfect when it comes to these features. Preferred by most of the athletes, these shoes provide extra support and comfort needed in the whole game while keeping the extra pressure off of your feet.

Outer Sole

The outer sole should give the basketball better traction. Good traction gives the kid’s shoes the ability to grip on the floor preventing unforeseen falls. You should pick one that can work on different surfaces, and it could be wise to opt for a rubber sole. The rubber sole should be thick and have a pattern that allows the shoe to gain enough traction. This sole will ensure the shoe has a tight grip and improves your child’s mobility.

The Shoes’ Fit

 You might have realized that most of the kid’s basketball shoes are made for children with narrow feet. The shoes would fit most children, but if your child has a wide foot, it could be wise to find wide shoes that fit your child well.

Shoes’ Style

 If your child prefers to be the cool kid in the crowd, it could be wise to buy them stylish basketball shoes. You may ask them to choose their preferred design. Although the aesthetic nature of the shoes does not improve the child’s play, it improves their confidence which improves their performance. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing a child’s basketball shoes should incorporate comfortability and design, which makes them play with ease. It would help if you went for basketball shoes with enough traction, making it easy to attain a grip on the ground. If your child prefers to be stylish, it could help if they choose their preferred design, which boosts their confidence when paying. 

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