Whether you’re moving to a new place or renovating your home, you’ll have to consider lots of things. Typically, such works involve spending hours searching for the perfect colour scheme and furniture. Let’s not forget about the many interior design companies in Singapore with flawless portfolios. Indeed, going through all of this is genuinely stressful, especially if you’re a first-timer in the matter.

While you browse through the endless variations of sofas, kitchen cabinets and toilet bowls, you’re probably missing something. Arguably, one of the areas which homeowners in Singapore frequently overlook is the HDB gate. Perhaps, that’s the first detail every guest notices about one’s home. In this regard, you’d want to learn more about how to choose the best main gate for your HDB renovation:

Comply with the Laws and Regulations

Before starting any renovation work, you must ensure you’re aware of all the rules and regulations. The Housing Board has strict legislation regarding changing and replacing various stock parts, including HDB gates. Of course, failing to fulfil these conditions can possibly result in penalties.

Typically, you won’t have issues replacing your home’s main entrance gates. Still, it’s a brilliant idea to know the basics before changing yours. For example, you must keep your gate’s original width, number of panels and swing. Moreover, the latter shouldn’t obstruct the fire escape route. Also, there are other minor details that you must consider, so it’s best to consult with an expert.

Choose a Suitable Material

After considering the HDB rules, it’s time to choose a suitable material. As you can imagine, this aspect matters the most, as it will largely determine the efficiency of the gate. Typically, four materials are popular in Singapore.

Mild Steel 

Undoubtedly, mild steel gates are increasingly popular in Singaporean HDB flats. Usually, they boast a combination of decent durability and rust resistance. The latter is crucial because of the excessively humid climate in the country. Still, its most significant advantage is the material’s weldability. That way, gate door companies can create a wide range of designs and models.

Wrought Iron 

If you’re looking for something more secure, then you should opt for a wrought iron gate. Indeed, this material is more expensive than mild steel, but it’s one of the common choices for HDB gates. Besides, this pick is far more durable and robust.

On top of that, it’s much less prone to rust than mild steel. Perhaps, the only downside to wrought iron is that it has low design potential because you can bend it only during its manufacture.


If you’re willing to sacrifice durability for a cheap and maintenance-free material, you should go with aluminium. These gates are rust and corrosion resistant and will perform better against colour fading and scratching.

Besides, aluminium gates are easy to install and are featherweight enough to significantly reduce the load on the bearing beams. Unfortunately, aluminium is prone to dents and doesn’t offer many design options.

Stainless Steel 

Last but not least, stainless steel is the way to go for an unlimited life span. Without a doubt, stainless steel is the sturdiest material you can get for an entrance gate. Usually, such entryways are easy to clean and maintain as they don’t require any significant care.

What’s more, they’re relatively cheaper compared to other materials. Perhaps, the main disadvantage to stainless steel gates is that they don’t offer much customisation freedom.

Consider Installing a Smart Lock

Usually, when you contact a gate retailer, you’ll get an entire catalogue with the services on offer. In most cases, you’ll get pre-installed mechanical locks at a discount. Such locks add tremendous security to your home and are now a common sight in HDB flats. Retailer companies will allow you to choose a preferred lock brand, model and mechanism.

Indeed, some manufacturers have even invented key fobs so customers can unlock their doors with the click of a button. Ultimately, you’ll make your gate much more convenient and your home safe and secure.


Finally, it’s safe to say that choosing the right gate will ensure your home is safe from unwanted intruders. Moreover, it can accentuate your entrance and home style. In this regard, you should be careful when choosing an HDB gate. Of course, plenty of vendors will offer you tons of different models. It’s up to you to decide which material, design and lock mechanism will work best for you.

If you’re still unsure about all the details, you should consult with a professional. Experts like Gate Door Window Supplies will guide you through the entire HDB main gate installation process. The company has an extensive catalogue of gates of different materials and prices. Moreover, they are aware of all the rules and regulations regarding replacing main entrance gateways.

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