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Your office accessories are incomplete without a printer. Printers are used to print text, document files, images, graphics, banners, etc. The efficiency with which they save time and workload is incomparable. However, new-age printers have evolved in performance and functionality. As a small business entrepreneur, you are clueless about which one to purchase as the market spoils you for choice —from multi-function, LED, laser, and business inkjet to 3D, and more. If you are in Jacksonville Florida and want to create custom screen printed t-shirts, visit Prints R Us website!

In this blog, we make a humble attempt to mention the factors you need to consider before you decide to purchase a printer, as we suggest a few that will best suit your business needs.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Printer for Your Business

Purchase Cost

If you are tight-budgeted, you might not consider investing in high-priced printers upfront. As a startup, invest in a multifunction printer that is not only cost-efficient but also combines the work of a printer, fax machine, copier, and scanner in one.

Maintenance Cost

It is just not enough to buy a cheaper model. You must factor in long-term expenses like those involving printer servicing, cartridge replacement, part replacement, and other unforeseen expenses.

Printing Speed

This should be one of your primary concerns if your business requires high-speed printing for bulk work. Slow printing speed results in delayed deliveries.

Printing Quality

Your clients, customers, and other stakeholders will form an impression about your brand basis the printing quality of brochures, flyers, or any other paper formats you use to advertise your business. The first impression is also often the last. Hence, choose a printer with high-quality printing features.        

Printing Type

Invest in a printer that yields the type of printing that meets the needs of your business. For example, black and white printing might be sufficient for a small business with basic needs. If yours is a creative business, you’d want a printer that can produce high-quality images and coloured graphics.

Best Printers for Small Business

Multi-Function Printers

These printers are one of the most productive ones for small businesses. They are cost-efficient and are time and money savers. Check for the brand though, as not all multi-function printers can perform multiple functions at one go.

A3 Printers

A3 printers for offices and businesses are the best option when there is a bulk need to handle printing posters, artwork, and other larger paper formats. They are available in many varieties and are cost-effective.

Laser Printers

These printers are a popular business investment choice as they can print a high volume of documents at a remarkable speed with sharp printing quality. Though expensive, they are durable. A laser toner cartridge can comparatively print many more pages than an average inkjet toner cartridge.

Business Inkjet Printers

Small businesses usually have financial limitations and look for ways to cut corners. Business inkjet printers are an economical investment. They can print both documents and photos on a variety of paper types — from regular inkjet paper, matte, glossy, to high-grade.

Besides the above, you can consider thermal printers for printing receipts, dot-matrix to print multiple carbon-copy papers or photo printers for printing high-quality photos.

Draw up a list of your business printing needs to decide which of the above will be the best buy for your day-to-day operations. Remember also to factor in long-term cost.

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