How To Choose The Right Precious Metals For Your Wedding Ring

When you make the decision to commission a diamond wedding ring, you get to choose every aspect of the ring design, including which precious metals you use. For such an important occasion, the wedding ring should be a unique creation, a ring that symbolises your unique relationship, which is why couples choose a bespoke solution when looking for a wedding ring.

What Precious Metals Can Be Used In Jewellery?

As you would imagine, there are quite a few precious metals that can be used to make jewellery, which are as follows:

  • Yellow Gold – In Asian countries, people like to wear 24k yellow gold jewellery, as this can easily be liquidated into cash by selling it to any gold shop. Yellow gold contrasts nicely with tanned skin, so it is ideal for dark-skinned people.
  • Rose Gold – This is gold mixed with copper to provide a rosy glow, which works well with antique jewellery. 18K gold is the best purity for rose gold jewellery, which is what the custom jeweller would likely recommend.
  • White Gold – Pure gold, 24k, is too malleable for making jewellery; the best is either 14k or 18k, which is gold that is mixed with alloys. These days, white gold is often preferred in stunning wedding rings for women Sydney custom jewellers create. The creations, along with the male counterparts, are the result of the clients’ vision of the prefect ring.
  • Platinum – A hard metal, platinum does not tarnish or scratch and it has a nice silver sheen, making it perfect for jewellery, especially rings. It can be worked to many different finishes. If you are a practical person, you will likely prefer platinum, as it does tick all the boxes.
  • Palladium – This unique metal is a member of the platinum family that can be used in its pure form to fabricate jewellery. Silvery grey in colour, palladium is lighter than gold and more difficult to work with.
  • Titanium – This is an extremely hard precious metal that is strong and low in density; it also has hypoallergenic properties and makes for a perfect wedding band. If you lead an active lifestyle, titanium might be the perfect choice, as it is virtually indestructible.
  • Tungsten – Harder than gold, tungsten is popular among futurists, due to a very high scratch resistance level. Many trendy men wear tungsten wedding bands. Talk to a custom jeweller about the pros and cons of tungsten, then you are in the position to make an informed decision about which precious metal to use.
  • Stainless-Steel – Another very popular choice among young people, a thick stainless-steel wedding ring is commonly seen; the metal does not tarnish and is shatterproof, making it ideal for a wedding ring.

Once you have decided which precious metal to use, the next step is to choose gemstones. The custom jeweller has access to the wholesale gemstone markets, which saves you money. Regarding ring design, let the jewellery maker show you his album of previous projects which might provide some inspiration; together you can create the perfect wedding ring that is within your budget.

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