How to Choose the Right Pyjama for Your Kid

Kids love good and uninterrupted sleep. As a parent, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to make that possible. However, what many people don’t understand is that a baby’s sleepwear impacts the overall quality of sleep.

Now, pyjamas are common clothes for kids that you can easily find. However, buying the right type can be challenging. Apart from being comfortable, the one you buy should be attractive. Thankfully, some factors can help you choose the right pair. Read on to learn more.

Types of Pyjamas for Kids

Since babies sleep a lot, traditional pyjamas may not be suitable for them. Instead, consider these different types;

  • Onesies or Bodysuits – these are one-pieces that cover a baby from shoulder to bum and cross between their legs. They are a comfortable fit and suitable for warm climates. Plus, they can simplify your work when changing diapers at night.
  • Sleep Gowns – they are also one-pieces only that their bottom is gathered to cover the legs of your baby while still allowing him/her to kick their legs out. These are recommended for children between 0-6 months and are for mild climates. You can also change your child’s diaper easily when they are wearing these gowns.
  • Footie Sleepers – also called footie pyjamas, overalls, or sleepers are a one-piece garment that has long sleeves and full pants. They cover the babies up to their feet. As such, they are suitable for cold climates as they can keep them fully covered without a blanket.
  • Footless Sleepers – they are like footie sleepers, only that the foot part is not covered. They will be great if you have a long baby or you are traveling. They can be used in both cool and warm weather.
  • Two Pieces – are recommended for older babies. The top and pants come as separate pieces hence make it easy to give your baby a diaper change. They are suitable for babies with special medical needs.

Tips to Buying the Right Pyjama

Consider the quality

Make sure that whatever fabric is made with, is 100% pure. Experts recommend choosing cotton jersey material as it’s warm, comfortable, breathable, and can absorb sweat. Also, choose one that’s made of natural fibers and not synthetic.


We’ve already gone through the various types of baby pyjamas. So consider what your child’s needs are. Additionally, think of the texture, color, and pattern that your child will like. This makes the pyjama to be appealing and comfortable.


A multi-functional pyjama is a smart choice. Your child can wear it at night or in the morning when you layer it with other clothes. This tip also matters when it comes to the activities that your children do. For instance, if it’s airy and flowy, your kid can comfortably play with it.


Imagine how uncomfortable it is to sleep in tight clothes. Now, imagine your child sleeping in tight pyjamas wrapped around them like a snake. This is certainly uncomfortable and won’t give them the good night’s sleep they deserve. So, make sure that you are buying a pair that isn’t too tight or too loose.

How to Choose the Right Pyjama for Your Kid

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s not easy to choose the right pyjamas for your kids. However, the tips mentioned above can simplify things for you. But, no matter which pyjama you buy, please make sure that it’s comfortable. Comfort should be the number one consideration no matter how good a pair looks.

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