Best Email Hosting Providers

Choosing the right hosting provider for your reseller hosting business is essential to its success. Here are some characteristics that point to a good reseller hosting service:

  • Easy customization

The best reseller hosting providers offer customizable hosting packages that allow you to allocate resources based on your needs.

  • There are plenty of resources

Companies should provide enough resources in their reseller packages, so you don’t need to pay extra for additional RAM, storage, bandwidth, and so on.

  • High efficiency

It is critical to ensure fast page loads and consistent uptime for your customers in order to build a successful reseller business and a positive reputation.

  • Excellent customer service

It can be difficult to deal with all of your customers’ technical issues, but the best reseller hosting services provide direct assistance to your customers or professional support for you to assist them.

  • Prices are reasonable

The prices are reasonable, transparent, and cost-effective, allowing you to maximize your profit margins without entering into any long-term contracts.

Reseller hosting providers you should consider: 


Kamatera offers two options for reselling. The first option is the direct purchase and sale method, in which you buy resources in bulk and sell them to your customers at the retail prices of your choosing. The other option is to subscribe to a white-label reseller hosting plan, which allows you to customize the dashboard with your own branding.

Both of these options have the advantage of requiring no initial investment because Kamatera provides all of the necessary tools. You pay a percentage of your total customer revenue each month, basically only paying for what you use.

When choosing Kamatera, you can decide between the basic and full versions of the cloud VPS service, which can be scaled to meet your changing needs. Whatever method you use, the cloud server provides unlimited scalability, unrestricted usage, a one-minute setup time, no hardware maintenance, and simple backup and monitoring solutions.


GreenGeeks offers reseller hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and solid-state drive (SSD) storage. The package includes a free WHMCS license and private nameservers. You can customize your hosting packages and resources to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, the client control panel can be customized with your company’s branding.

With each hosting account, you’ll get email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, SSL certificates, a drag-and-drop website builder, an eCommerce website setup with a free shopping cart, and much more.

GreenGeeks offers an unrivaled offer of offsetting 300% of your resource usage with renewable energy credits, which is a significant selling point for environmentally conscious customers.


InterServer’s reseller hosting packages include all of the features found in regular web hosting plans. Your clients will have access to cPanel profiles, unlimited Ultra SSD storage space, and a number of cloud applications (including 1-click installation options for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and others). 

You also get the SitePad website builder, unlimited email accounts, free InterShield internal security features, and a complimentary SSL certificate.

Client management is made possible by the WHM control panel. For an additional monthly fee, you can obtain a unique IP address and benefit from a private DNS server.

Interserver is best known for its high security for all of its plans. 

Which provider should you choose?

The above-listed hosting providers are among the best ones on the market, however, you still need to make a decision on which one to choose out of these three. 

Each provider has its own competitive advantage and caters to specific customer’s needs: 

  • Highest Flexibility 

GreenGeeks is the top choice for reseller hosting because it provides flexibility and unlimited resources. You can tailor hosting packages to your client’s specific requirements. 

  • Best Security 

InterServer prioritizes security by separating individual websites to prevent security breaches from affecting other sites. It also has its own security suite known as InterShield. 

  • Most resources 

Kamatera is the best option for large clients who require more than basic shared hosting. It provides VPS reseller hosting packages with a broader range of services and unlimited resources.


In order to have a successful reseller hosting business, you need to choose the best hosting provider for you. Kamatera, GreenGeeks, and Interserver are among the top reseller hosting providers on the market. If you pick any of them you will not make a mistake. 

However, if these three do not fit your business objective, use the list of characteristics at the beginning of this article to find another excellent provider. 

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